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  1. Random map generation haha I had land spawn on top of people when my GPU got too hot lol
  2. Well actually, I'd like both. In a game that's pre full release it's always fun to go buck wild and mess about to the nines. See how many downers I can kill with a cricket bat just for the lols. Course, the game then gives me a few options. I can save or save and quit. Why can't I just quit? No saving. Of course you'll need a warning for all the silly people who can't read to let them know that their game won't be saved. This has got to be worth at least five Gilead blooms
  3. Hiya. Well, now dig spots seem to have appeared nicely in game. They are hugely obvious. So either I missed them or there was a bug. Either way, it seems to be fixed now. Happy digging! Here's me hoping to find a rocket launcher or something haha
  4. Hello! Really enjoying the game so far and I've been going to the dig spots with a shovel and I seem unable to dig. I googled this and read that there should be a circular dig icon at the digging area. Either I am missing the dig area completely (wouldnt be the first time I am dumb haha) or there's something wrong. Are the dig areas directly at the dig point located on the map or do I have to do a little searching? If they are there, they don't show up for me. I am using an xbox controller on the steam version of the game
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