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  1. Additional bug: I can't read all the notes I find. On the note page it just stops scrolling afterawhile
  2. Hi Compulsion! Just wanted to report my game kept crashing after turning the alarm off in Gemmas place. After awhile it stopped but still good to note. There is also no heinous package for me to pick up or it wont let me pick it up for the Quest Superb Meat Boy. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I've been working on this fanfiction snippet for the past year and I finally posted it. It has been at least 4 years since I have written anything creative so please keep that in mind! https://archiveofourown.org/works/15461001 Hope you enjoy and thank you! -OldSportGatsby
  4. Yeah it's been pretty bad in West Coast Canada! I saw you guys were having storms and super bad heat at the same time and I was concerned! I'm glad everyone is doing alright
  5. Hey Compulsion! With the heatwave going on and the storms in Quebec I just wanted to say I hope all of you stay safe and hydrated! Make sure to take care of yourselves! (Sorry if this is in the wrong area I didn't know where to post it)
  6. I've been working on a piece of fan fiction for the past 6 months. And I've been wondering if it'd be worth posting it? It's been hard to write a piece of work when there isn't much on the actual world of We Happy Few. But it would be shame for it to go to waste. Another question I have, how does Compulsion feel about fan fiction? I know they are super supportive of fan art (which is great!!) I just know that some people aren't too keen on fan fiction about their work. Thanks!
  7. I was wondering since some Wastrels talk about how they shouldn't have taken the Vanilla Joy, are flavours just codes for the different strengths of Joy? Or do they actually crunch and swallow their pills? (disgusting lol) Does that mean the Coconut one that is being worked on is a higher strength? Is the water then flavoured since it is laced with joy?
  8. I was playing yesterday and when drinking from a joy filled tap and the screen went white and instead of going away like normal it stayed. I could move around and steal stuff but I couldn't see. It went away when I reloaded the save but just wanted to let you guys know about it! Playing on Xbox One by the way!
  9. It fixed the Nick and House of Reform Issues but not the hills where roads are and the gaps between downer detector gates.
  10. So ever since the hotfix came out I have been having issues with worlds generating. At first they weren't too bad like grass on the pavement , A huge empty space beside a downer detector that I could sneak through (Sweet!) etc. But then there would be hills on the roads and Wastrels glitched through. And then the house of Reform had only an entrance and a hole and a bunch of floating people. The church of simon says was also glowing bright white on the floor. And Nicks house had the same issues as the House of Reform. Posted the bad cellphone pictures of the issues in Nicks House in a tweet since I have no clue how to attach anything on the forum: https://twitter.com/poetandthe_muse/status/905199296244465664
  11. And in the article they say that "women should cover themselves and not show that they are pregnant and not to flaunt what others can't have"
  12. Another thing that backs up the kid theory is the article that you can censor in the beginning in Clives office about the "breeder riot" where a bunch of people attacked a pregnant woman out of jealousy
  13. Is there a reason why the PS Store has We Happy Few set to release on December 31st 2018?
  14. I was wondering that since Joy is given to Wellies for free via Joy Booths and stuff how is it economically beneficial? Normally when something is considered to be a necessity like food, -for the Wellies Joy is necessary- how is it viable to be produced or beneficial for the producer? (Sorry if this does not make sense it's just something that's been on my mind lately)
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