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  1. Me thinks me must learn to do me research befores me commits to a product I know I am in a minority here, especially given that a fair whack of the Compulsion team has commented. I'll just spill it, not an Austin Powers/Mike Myers fan. So that does make me a bit Never the less, I will endeavor to behave myself while a guest in Wellington Wells. Perhaps fate will intervene and the Easter Bunny will do a really good job hiding said eggs and I will miss a few of the less obvious ones. Otherwise, enjoying what I have experienced thus far. I don't think I have caught on to the eggs in question. As a side, I enjoy Contrast as well. So I am a fan of yours. And for what it is worth to you, color me one of the Happys not upset by the whole Gearbox situation. Bottom line; a wee bit miffed. Still looking forward to April 13th though.
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