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  1. It has occured to me that a couple of stats on the status screen would be better reversed. Health, joy and toxocity rightly start at 100% as these are stats that count down but surely hunger, thirst and fatigue should start at zero. It just strikes me as counter intuitive as I would havee thought being well fed would be 0% hungry and starving would be 100% hungry and the same for the others. Any way great game and I can't wait for the full release.
  2. Small one but none the less. The Uncle Jack projection during the prologue has stopped working. Thanks for the great game.
  3. I had this. Can't get it to do it on purpose though. It seems to happen if you die when playing on second wind. I had to start a new game.
  4. Also game time is related to how long it takes you to find various resources you need. I can play for 3-4 hours exploring without leaving the first island.
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    I agree, tee please. Take my money!
  6. Munki

    Forum on mobile

    Works fine on a Sony
  7. 6) The lady with the message for our friends is in reference to the way the resistance and spies would send coded messages during WWII. I have no idea what number 9 is about
  8. Early backers get a season pass because they invested in the game when it was still only a concept. Us preview players can't complain as we will be getting the full retail version at half price and the pre-order weapon as a gift. These fine people can't give all this stuff away to everyone, they need to make money too so they can make us more great games.
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