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  1. Hello, I'm a French student in BTS SIO SLAM (Equivalent to DEC in Quebec). I wish to continue my studies in game development and moving to Canada is an option. Also, since I already have an important student loan, I'm looking for a school that do sandwich course so I won't have to expand it further to pay for accommodation. Do you have any recommendations ? Cordialement, Guillaume.
  2. No intereactables on the walls. But I found a pointy stick (yay !) in a hidden chest
  3. Unable to map keys when the translation for actions are too long
  4. This cave spawned without any loots (except for the campfire and NPCs)
  5. Happened to me twice. Can't give George the sunshine pill. Also, her wife seem to feel better.
  6. Happened once and after fast-travel. Before Hotfix 1 Related to /114379/floor-in-safe-house-missing
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