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  1. Started a new game because the last file disappeared. And this happened
  2. I just spent 15 hard earned skill points to purchase the "TIRELESS" skill. It says "Remove negative effects of hunger, thirst, and exhaustion." Which it didn't do. Plus the countless quests that failed because any interaction killed the man guy (ie. Speaker's Corner.) All dig spots are showing on the map even after having been excavated. Quest markers remain after completion of the quest. Bridges aren't connected to the ground and you have to jump to get across. I've been waiting on this since logging 50+ hours in the technicolor update. I'm shocked at how broken this is. I'm very disappointed. But patiently waiting for the patch to make this game playable.
  3. I've picked up a couple holster and inventory expansions while I've been playing. The problem is that even though it says it was applied my weapon holster doesn't fit any more than it did before and with my inventory any items weight equaling over 99 makes me so encumbered I can't walk. Which is odd because you start out with 150 but I haven't been able to hold more that 99 on any of my plays. I've started over 4 times.
  4. When you get inventory expansions, it increases your carrying capacity but doesn't actually increase the amount you can carry. Is that included? (Ie. My inventory says I can carry 250ish but anything over 99 and I can't move)
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