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  1. lol, appreciate the reply. I don't know where that trigger volume is or what the volume part of a trigger volume is but I don't think there's anywhere that I haven't run over trying to trigger it. As I said, I retraced my steps and tried to do what I was meant to do, going back in the house, closing the door to the office, putting the vents back up, and then leaving that route. And then running all around the green house and circles upon circles outside the home. Is there a condition where that trigger would no longer be a trigger besides not being triggered, cuz that's what seems to be the case. Which, I can only speculate, was my killing the Doctors threw the door and leaving the house through a different route and realizing that it didn't advance. The quest marker was in the green house, and then again on the side of the house, but aside from seeing them there ...
  2. Yup, got that to and mentioned in another post.
  3. Can't tell ya what happened but these two are killin me and haven't found a solution online or doing anything and everything I could think of in game to make them advance. Cub Reporter: Get Out As others had reported I had the bug that you could see the Doctors through the doorway. Instinctively killed em because, well, it's a game, they were spooky, wasn't sure what exactly to do, and you know, fuck them. I'm guessing that has something to do with my being unable to advance though I've left the house in just about every way one could leave a house, going back, closing all the doors, opening the doors, going out the vent, closing the vents, leaving again ... I'm beggin for a solution. It's a Terrible Life: Carry Mary Baile To The Bridge Mary is standing on the bed and both are unresponsive. I can't say if they became unresponsive after I gave him the first Sunshine pill or the second. It's possible that I gave the first Sunshine, then tried to pick up Mary but couldn't, then clicking around was able to give the second, or that I gave him both. I just know that both pills are checked in the objectives and not Mary and Mary is standing on the bed and no one will talk to me and I'm stuck. And since I hope to not have to post often in the bugs/tech support section I do need to make a more general statement that the single save is horrible, it serves no purpose but to punish people that give ya money. And what I mean by punish is that sooner or later, one way or another, for this reason or that, it will have detrimental consequences. I don’t know anyone that’s been able to make a crash proof game. This has jacked up two different quests for me. They were completed when I came back, though I hadn’t completed. So I missed out on the gameplay, I missed out on the reward and satisfaction, and dialog, animations, scenes that were skipped. Additionally there’s inevitable game mechanics that can sometimes not do what the player intended. I’ve screwed up more than once to varying degrees of suck by trying to give an NPC something and they make a quick turn so now I’m choking them and have a whole buncha people I didn’t want aggro aggro. I could cite other examples, but I’m pretty sure you know a whole bunch more, there’s a laundry list. And this is done so that the game has consequence, so that players aren’t given a choice, so it’s played the way you want them to play. Well, that’s just the best way to do things. For those that are gluttons for punishment you already have perma-death. But it doesn’t hurt you or a gamers enjoyment of the game if they can play without worrying about losing progress or even if they want to make a different choice. In the way I look at it there is no cheating in single player games, if someone bought it like playing it a certain way that’s all that matters. Multi-player, different story, but I don’t play those much anymore. End rant. Beyond that by and large loving the game. Crazy the amount of unwarranted criticism vitriolic backlash over things that haven’t even happened yet, or that are based on sheer speculation of what might could maybe possibly happen possibly because of this, that, or the other. It’s kinda funny because it’s not unlike bands that were considered alternative and independent being accused of selling out, though over here it’s called “AAA.” One would think if they were fans of the game or the dev team or Compulsion that they’d be tickled pink for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. So congrats! Okay, now how do I fix my broken quests? =)
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