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  1. MefistofeleOnirico

    New Archivement on steam?!

    I started playing We happy Few again to complete the last archive (I was 39 out of 40) but I noticed that there are 10 more hidden for a total of 50. Are you about to release a new update? for when?
  2. MefistofeleOnirico

    We Happy Few Steam

  3. MefistofeleOnirico

    Weekly Journal - Joy Retrospective

    It's very cool this timeline. we can really understand how many great steps you have taken. And how many changes we have seen. In steam, I'm the author of Italian Patch... I never regretted having created it, on the contrary, it shows how much i am attached to the universe of we happy few. The new icons it's cool, completely different (for the hexagon). I suspect the board indicates something.
  4. MefistofeleOnirico

    Feedback life in technicolour

    I have a problem with mrs chaney house. If i hide in the desk, i can't leave the desk. never! i tried qith ghost mode but it's impossible. I am a statue under the desk and i cand everdrop the others mrs chaney discussions
  5. MefistofeleOnirico

    All Steam mods have been deleted!

    It solved. For one hour the workshop incsteam was diseapparence. but perhaps it'a a temporaly bug of steam
  6. If you see the workshop for WHF, all mods are gone! Why? An error?
  7. MefistofeleOnirico

    Feedback life in technicolour

    other graphic bugs
  8. MefistofeleOnirico

    The trouble with V-Meat (Spoilers)

    I have also had a bad day at the meat packing facility serving people. The broken part is gone! Now when I wake up from my nap, I have no way to "fix" the machine. I hav a same problem. But in 1 session games. in other session this problem is not there. It's a casual error?
  9. MefistofeleOnirico

    Jubilator. How Persuade it?

    Guys, how i can persuade the jubilator in the guest "antijubilstarianism"?
  10. MefistofeleOnirico

    Feedback life in technicolour

    IDEAS -Skip option for the redactor, boring wait it -More fast travels: from the church, from the particular houses, from the cellars! -Varying written in loadings (quotes on happiness) or more stories in each island! With top with subtitles that tell the story (While keeping the game tips down) -Custom cursor in game theme? - New UI maps? - Variety of Graphics of Similar Items (Example: Pure Water and Empty canteen, old shovel and shovel) -An employed uniform For Arthur's colleagues in the prologue. Why are they dressed as civilians in the office? -More amazement for Arthur's view of the rotten fruit in the prudence office -Several items launched by NPCs as bullets, not just stones (paper, cans, bottles ...) -Awakenings for NPC unconscious (goodmorning, sleeping beuty!) -Being able to donate more things (bouquets of flowers to the village, Rubber ducks in garden district) -Speed Time like sleep during the fast travel -Peek in the slits of the doors -Creating hats with torches -Section of culinary recipes. Quit creating honey from honeycombs with wather filther, coffee from grains, leaves from you, ingredients cake, etc. All this is only if you come to an oven or a stove. You put only these ingredients, and you can crafting a recipe. -Shoes to go fast or shoes with springs to jump higher up and reach the window sills. - Create a link between documents and guests connected to them -The clothes >(kncluding the farber suit) can be damaged until they are reduced in torn suit -New weapon to the village: broomstik! Also better change NPC objects: tubes for workers, and pans, Rolling Pins (Currently too rare to find) and and cricket bats for civilians. -I noticed on the ground that when we dig, there is only the shadow of the badge but not the character that digs -Make simon says challenging. So far it is too predictable. You should do different types of game sessions. Sometimes 4 panels, sometimes only 1 and so on. Then if we go without saying Simon Says, start tossing the tense and announcing "I did not say simon Says" -Create an emblem for each island. We can keep that standard for all wellington wells, but it would be nice to introduce icons that indicate that we are at a certain point on the map. And it would be really interesting both at the artistic level and at merchandising level. And maybe a embleme in each bridge I made a graphic Very rough, but hopefully makes the idea
  11. I've lost a lot of time in personal commitments, but now I'm here to bring some update notes. Some are now resolved with the hotfix Always for time problems, I could not make many drawing, especially on ideas (I have so many in my head) GENERAL -Arthur always repeats the same words in front of a water pump. -What is “multi tool” to disable the traps in the garden district? -Too many resources in NPCs! No kidding, you have made them extremely rich in clubs! Once I found one with 6 lead pipes, 4 badges and 2 frying pans. -NPCs run irregularly and many NPCs stand up incorrectly from the seats. Especially those lying and relaxed in the village - Restore NPC dance when the music is on. First it was better! (the min 2:23 of this video) - Improve the animation when we hear the fake uncle jack. Maybe A cinematic? -The hat with leaves never works, even if I put on the grass and lean forward or slow. I'm very recognizable. - Sometimes you regenerate on benches already occupied by some NPCs - Some little graphic errors on the UI (of alignment) - In the Update, it removed the look and red effect present in the prologue when Arthur no take joy. - More expressive angry and have fun on NPCs. They have very hard faces and I was genuinely more expressive. I saw an image in which you see that there are similar animations, but are they already in the game? http://static.compulsiongames.com/weekly/2017_03_24/Facial_Expressions.png -In controller settings, there is no way to restore the default keys. Also, you can not set commands to the mouse wheel (forward and backward). - Have the ability to set commands for the inventory. In the last hotfix they changed but many people had become accustomed to the previous commands. Giving him the chance to set them up at will would not be bad. -Cheat Teleport to shelter does not work. Just bring it to the nearest bench, not the shelter. -Improve the management of interface guests. It is quite confusing between the ongoing and completed missions. Maybe assigning the "green V" and "X Red" signs for missions would be great for finding missions to do or fail soon. -Very often the NPCs are all stacked in the entrance doors, especially when locked in from the inside. As if they were saying "the party is here?" - Why NPCs do not know how to climb but know how to pass through the windows yes? -I've often had the village having switches for the safes behind pillows, but it is impossible to press. -Make a real difference between unconscious and conscious! Because there are people who are unconscious and not wake up anymore? And why do they even have mosquitoes if they are not dead ?! Why, if I throw a deaf person on the third floor, does not it die in the text? The details are essential -Why I can’t sell to johnny the pieces of metal or other objects created (for example darts?) - Why do not you ever find Joy pills in the corpses but apples? The guests keys do not disappear. In addition, key-cards are always and in any case an important element impossible to remove from the inventory. -Many NPCs are facing each other but they do nothing. There tend to be a lot of little activity around the streets, especially garden discrict. Maybe jumping on the puddles, smoking, drawing on the walls, kicking some rock would be the ideal. -Many objects in the village houses are impossible to use depending on the media: Sometimes the table works but you can not activate the gramophone. Sometimes the closet next to it works but the chest near them no. Adjust the order of the objects in the inventory. Some items are listed in the wrong sections (Example: pieces of metal between the medicines?) -Crafting often does not update as it should. If first an action was unavailable and is marked in red, if after the menu can still be red. You have to move over with the mouse to make it clear and available. -Endless boxes, create limit. And more chest in the lud’holm shelter -Little attention to dubbed and written dialogues. To see the details (very small) -When I collect the first letter dig, it is added to the target list. XP -Johnny bolton selling electroshockers? Too easy and why not accept metal pieces? And why have 5 special mechanical parts with the safe in garden district? I think it’s irregular for the game. Of you can do in only the birdwatcher playstyle - Handle the words "Now you enter ...." in the bridges. Sometimes I check that they are "just arrived" in a place where I was actually already come through the other bridge. GUESTS -Mushroom house: The woman who should be thrown from the roof of the mushroom house remains on the roof. she simply died on that roof -Several bugs in the mission "It's a terrible life". In particular, Mary is sometimes impossible to grasp and if he can get her to the goal, George's NPC is a threat to us. -Yam altar - set the best time of the request to play the bongos. The woman speaks with arthur only after he has already played. Instead it should ask him just as soon as the boy sucks. Maybe an "accident, it's faint, can you replace it?" While the master speak -High cuisine : There are boxes that are flying in the air. Maybe a bug? It would also be more obvious to give an explanation of why the chef does not leave the cage. -Grabs flowers: Hats flourished in the air and not in the head -mysterious chest: Perhaps it is better to improve the mechanics of giving witch bids on the circles. Maybe a special interaction? -Rescue Peachy: Why is peachy's mission divided by johnny bolton's? And why when I pick peachy despite the alarms being disconnected, the bell sounds anyway? -Crazy legs: Very often on the map this guest is reactivated even though it has already been made. - NPCs of the mine mine mine do not listen to the noises of the thrown objects. which is a shame, limits greatly the action or the ability to distract them. - House of the old soldier: there are too many NPCs coming from outside - The flower dress from johnny bolton is completely different from what we see wearing on arthur hands! And it is also different in the military motif of effemeral linen. but why?! XP
  12. MefistofeleOnirico

    44631 - Life in Technicolour Hotfix 1

    @Naila http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/114358/my-fan-art
  13. MefistofeleOnirico

    My Fan Art

    I upload my fan arts: My DeviantArt: https://palazzolo-vito.deviantart.com/ This is Cate Archer (from the game No One Lives Forever) in Wallete Version. I'm a male, but i love this character! Very sixties games I made this with photoshop. Who remerbers No OneLives Forever Games? (original image)
  14. MefistofeleOnirico

    44631 - Life in Technicolour Hotfix 1

    THANK YOU! Many of the issues listed have already been reported by many other users. I'm using a bit since I'm testing all three game modes and accidents have slowed down the analysis;) I'm also one who visits every corner of the map so I still have a good time. The time to finish the vigilante game (just started) and put the total value of my gaming experience in life in technicolor. Good work guys.