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  1. Yes and thank you. It is little things like this why you guys are my favorite game company. You are easy to talk to and are so transparent with the work process of your game. I read your weekly journal every week and always keep up to date with WHF so getting my constant dose of WHF is quite easy. Keep up the great work and make the best game ever!!!
  2. As a loyal fan of this game I was just wandering how surprising a lot of these bugs are for you guys in WHF. I'm sure you have gotten a lot of bug notices from fans playing the new update and many of these bugs happen all the time and even make certain quests unbeatable. Just want to know how a lot of these bugs flew under the radar when play testing the game for these potential bugs before the update came out. Just curious is all. Still LOVE this game to freaking death.
  3. When you get to ride the Jubalator, at the end when you crash, you are stuck in the dying state and I cannot progress through the game.
  4. Thank you so much!!!!!! What you said worked like a charm! I can play the game again!!!
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