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  1. Thank you I found it like right after I posted this, normally there was a lady laying there so I wasn't able to check without getting them all upset.
  2. I have played this game many times through and I've still been stumped every time as to where that dang darn it key is. I have litterally checked every nook and cranny in the club and can't find it anywhere. I have stund her with the darks and looked around her office, I've hit the desk button, I've beat everyone up except the bobby. What am I missing here!?
  3. I was headed to "I sing body electric" made it over the open bridge and my entire system started making a buzzing noise and cut out to the start screen. I reloaded the game, now it loads and loads then kicks me out. I started a new game hoping it would reload after I played a bit into the other one and it's still doing the same thing!! I've shut the system down and restarted it, not sure what to do! I don't want to lose all of my progress I've already made (day 20 ish) !
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