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  1. Hey there! I couldn't find any related info on the forums so far, and information in dev updates/journals is somewhat confusing for me (I apologise if I missed something, as I am not that frequent on these forums). - Anyway, question is, what is the current state of the game (content wise), and release for Xbox platform (content wise)? As I seen in some dev updates in January, game is declared feature complete. However, on Xbox, it's still just partial as far as I can see (bought the game 1,5 years ago, played it just recently again to check how it goes on XboneX), and most apparently, it's missing playable characters? If I recall correctly, there should be 3 of them, and we have just that English chap at the moment. With that in mind, and giving the fact that game is content complete, that means we won't get those features (or any other promised features) in final game or? - I seen that there is season pass already in store, but it can't be purchased separately (again, talking about Xbox store), it's just part of that deluxe bundle (or whatever is precise name). Since I own the game as in Preview (still is), I won't be able to purchase DLC separately? - Lastly, there are pre-ordering bonuses mentioned (some weapon at some sort). I don't care about that stuff, but I presume all folks that bought the game in Preview programme on Xbox will get those bonuses (or bonus, if it's just 1). Is my presumption correct? Thanks in advance for your time and answers!
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