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  1. 1. So we read that Uncle Jack was overdue on his payments at the House of Curious Behaviour and was thence banned from said venue. Is there an actual "Uncle Jack" to bill? And if so, doesn't he get any special privileges/go-aheads/immunities, established by his fame and backed by the government? If nothing else, how would they verify who would foot the bill? 2. The Hastings brothers' names remind me of the Weasley family from the Harry Potter franchise, given that they both have Arthurs and Percys. I know, however, that Arthur and Percy Weasley (and some of the other Weasleys) are named after members of the Round Table. Are there any namesakes you can reveal for the Hastingses, or any other characters of WHF? 3. I've noticed that the wastrel demographic seems to be very diverse, yet Wellington Wells does not tend to be. Will we see any civs or bobbies of other ethnicities? Or is there an unsung societal critique hidden in there somewhere, perhaps? 4. Do Joy and the hallucinogenic mushrooms contraindicate each other? What would happen if one were to take them simultaneously?
  2. So, you're Canadian. Mike Myers is also Canadian. You're making a game set in 1960s England. Mike Myers also has a body of work starring a protagonist fr--okay, we both know where this is going by this point, so I'll cut right to it: please add an Austin Powers-ish extra into We Happy Few. I know New Line Cinema technically owns the rights to the Austin Powers franchise, but you could have a Boston Bowers, or a Dustin Flowers, or a Thrust-in Showers, or...you know what, you have enough creative people on your team to think of something less rampantly ripoff-y while still being clever about it. Whether he'd be a regular ol' junkie for Joy with a residence in Wellington Wells, or surprisingly recast as a Downer in the various crumbling ghettos; or just an Easter-egg costume for our precious Artie Hastings, it almost seems a given that WHF should have some loving tribute to the other lasting remnant of the UK's psychedelic '60s culture. Also, I realize the budget is probably tight, but even better would be a random cameo from a certain..."Shmike Shmyers."
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