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  1. Is there a place I can buy a We Happy Few mask like the citizens wear? I've seen videos on how to make them, but I'm very crafty.
  2. It is a box of a bunch of merchandise, but from my understanding you have to buy the game. If you go to We Happy few home page http://www.wehappyfewgame.com/ you can read more about whats in the Time Capsule and how to get it. I hope they eventually let people who already bought the game buy the Time Capsule or just merch in general.
  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions
  4. I am unsure on how to purchase a time capsule. It looks like you have to buy the game, or something like that? I've had We Happy Few for some time and followed its progress for even longer than that. I mean, I have even inquired about merch for a bit as well. So, how do I get a time capsule
  5. It's been 2 months since I asked, and I shall ask again. Merch?
  6. I know We Happy Few is in early development! Still, is there any site I can get merch from? I would love to have a We Happy Few bumper sticker! Or is merch for We Happy Few not a thing yet?
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