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  1. I just finished playing the Simon Says church and Nick Lightbearer sidequest, I really liked it! Loved climbing around his house and his neighbor's house to get into his, really loved leading Simon Says. There was a big problem with a lot of invisible walls inside the church after the game of Simon Says ended and I was trying to get to the top to turn off the electricity all on the ground level of the church. I tried to go down the left side of the church and got stuck toward the back of the church, but some combination of walking/wiggling around and pressing space to climb up got me out of it and I was able to finish the quest all right, but like I said, invisible walls all over the ground floor. Did anyone else get this while playing this quest?
  2. "scratch" that (pun intended) I hunted a bit more and found the real marble cat behind another painting, so the one I couldn't grab must have been a fake, still, if it had been the real one, would it have let me grab it with the desk there?
  3. It won't let me lock on to the cat to grab the cat on the Thomasina quest. Grrr lol. I think it's because there's a small desk in front of it?
  4. Oops just realized I had the options screen overlay there, but ah well you can see what I mean?
  5. I have about two of these that spawned in my game next to an open field, seems like they should only spawn between buildings so you can't just walk around them.
  6. I killed Ms. Chaney (... it was an accident) and she still attacked after I grabbed her journal. I believed that was the point, though? That her chemical experiment brought people back from the dead?
  7. My game still says I need to get a constable's keycard to cross the salamanca bridge, even though I already got one from a bobby in the apple garden place. Even after completing the rest of the requirements on that quest branch, it says I've never gotten a keycard, still shows up as a star on my map.
  8. The gate to the mystery house doesn't open (at night) when I take Joy.... but it did work when I ate the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Thought it was supposed to work with both?
  9. Just wanted to tack on here that I had a similar issue with the walkabout quest, the ghost was too high and on my game it looked like she went through a building and never reemerged on the other side, my hallucinogen ran out right about the time I tried to go around the building to see if she would keep going, and when I tried to come back, at night, and with another hallucenogenic mushroom, she never reappeared and the map was showing she was basically right inside a non-enterable building.
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