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  1. I'm hating reporting bugs because I am have so much fun This one is pretty obvious.
  2. Not sure if this is related as it looks like the same person
  3. I have the same bug, it was all good until I saved and quit. I just loaded my game and both the "Apple Tree"/keycard quest and the power cell missions seem to have reset. But not the actual locations
  4. This has happened once in each play through. I have found the location note for "Dig Spot 5", when I arrive I dig twice like normal then I am unable to dig a third time.
  5. I'm concerned that I am playing a delusional character who believes it's the 60's and there has been a war. Trying a friendlier way to deal quests is a big challenge ... well until they are chasing you down the street with cricket bats.
  6. From everything I thought I knew from the first play through, I believed I could run everywhere. So came my first perma death experience, I wont give away the anything other than it was traumatic So this is 2.5 play through and I can't find a shovel Loving this game so much and this time I take a little more time to listen to Uncle Jack's super creepy bedtime stories. I hope you add more ... so many old fairy tails I'd love to hear while trying to survive.
  7. I did a (V) take down on her as she passed, which worked. Carried her body to the front of the house and dropped it. When I came back she was standing and had to do a second take down.
  8. I recall seeing this before in a different location, but this is the first time this play through. During this mission "Get the Doll. Find the looney's doll. She seems to float from one side of the house to the other while another guy seems to be walking backwards and forwards normally. "
  9. Do you have a preferred format for reporting bugs? Like a screen cap, mission, description..... etc. I think I'm about half through. loving it and scared shitless When I play through next I'd like to report some constructive bugs and separately wish list items.
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