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  1. Hello, i am now in Hamlin Village in Maidenholm. Whenever I load up my game, if I am not in my bunker I start sitting on a bench. But the problem is I can’t get off of the bench. I can’t stand up. The only options are waiting, which I’ve done and it makes Now difference, or reading. Anyone have any ideas for me? I’m tired of having to go back to an early save from a bunker and lose all my progress.
  2. But what about the release TIME? Particularly the release time for ARIZONA?!
  3. Good question! I was just going to ask about the release time as well!
  4. Me too!! Game release updated date please?!
  5. Hello, Yesterday when I logged on (after 2 days of not playing) I had the bench bug/issue where you have to turn off xbox controller, but also my mini quests is saying that I never completed "Crazy Legs", even though I had. So I went over to do it again, thinking it's easy enough, no big deal, but Eric Liddel is no where to be found. Any ideas what happened?
  6. Can anyone, preferably someone from Compulsion, chime in and let me know if I have to start all over? And if the answer is yes, when the full game is released, will I have to start all over again? I was so close to finishing so much of the game, and then boom.... NO SAVED GAMES. I won't mind starting over, but honestly don't want to have to a third time when full game comes out.
  7. Hello? I updated my game and wanted to try it out with the new update and all my saved games are gone? Was that supposed to happen?
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