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  1. From what I can tell on a map given in the Old Soldiers quest, the war may only have ended at 1949. Also has anyone noticed that the V Meat cans have their weight in ounces?
  2. Mine is on the the outside world. In the old soldiers quest, there is a map which is Europe of 1938. This copy has been modified what is interesting is that the US took control of Ireland. In addition, although, Germany is said to have won the war in this universe, arrows that most likely show territorial expansion not by Germany, but from what appears to be the Soviet Union. the timeline of conquest is listed below. from 1943-1945, the USSR controls half of Poland along with parts of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and all of Romania. from 1945-1947, the USSR controls half of the Czech republic, along with all of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Croatia, and Most of Italy. Here is where it gets interesting, From 1947-1949, the USSR now controls all of Europe, with the only nations not under USSR control are England (unknown governor), and Ireland (US, unknown time of acquisition). It is possible that Germany and the USSR were allied, as in the real world for a time they both had a temporary alliance (that soon ended). picture is down below
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