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  1. I heard back from Gearbox. Without asking any questions or for any other information, they told me to uninstall WHF and reinstall it. As I'm not really fond of having my game saves deleted, I'm not going to do that (and I told them that). As I continue Sally's story, I'll update here if the crashes continue now that I'm out of the train station. Yesterday's play went well so that's encouraging. That was the first time in several playing sessions that it didn't crash at all.
  2. Ok, progress, but not without a minor issue. I finished Ex Cathedra and quickly made my way through Home Cooking. I answered my door and the cut scene with the Bobby played, and then the game just kind of froze. It didn't kick me out this time, though. No weird audio or anything, either, it just sat there, frozen, for about a minute or 90 seconds. Then it proceeded with the cut scene in the police building and moved on to the Sally memory flashback and officially completed Home Cooking and started Connect the Dots. I haven't had another crash since I left the train station (knock on wood) so perhaps the issue is in that location or specific to the Ex Cathedra quest.
  3. I just got all 10 butterflies and am about to leave the train station. I've been playing for about 15 minutes so far with no crashes. Now let's see if the crashing stops or improves once I leave this building!
  4. Yep, like I mentioned I'm working on Sally's "Ex Cathedra" quest - catching butterflies in the train station. Other quests that are currently open: Home Cooking, Peachy's Final Mission, What Have We Buried. I also have 15 completed quests. I am currently in Lud's Holm in the train station and unable to leave until I catch all 10 butterflies (I have 8). Since it's so dark in here I almost always have a torch in use, but I haven't found any relationship between the crashes and using a torch. I just submitted a ticket to Gearbox as well. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks.
  5. Hi, This is the only playthrough I have - I started it at the beginning and now I'm roughly halfway through Act II/Sally. Sometimes it crashes within 1 - 2 minutes of continuing my game (I always select "Continue Game"), sometimes it will let me play for 5 or 10 minutes and then crash. I wish there were an identifiable pattern to it but so far there is not. There's no warning, either... just 1 - 3 seconds of freezing with choppy audio, then being kicked out to the home screen. This happened a handful of times before the 1.5 update; since the update I almost can't continue the game. The last 2 times I've tried playing I wound up quitting in frustration after getting booted out 4 times in a row (and re-catching the same 3 butterflies every time). It's definitely worse now that I'm in the train station catching butterflies, though. It hasn't been this bad in other locations. I'm playing on an Xbox One S running OS version 10.0.17763.2023. I'll happily provide any other information that might be useful. Thanks for your help.
  6. Ever since the last update, my game has been crashing A LOT. It's really hard to say what might be triggering the crashes because it can literally happen any time; it's not consistent. Currently I am working on Sally's "Ex Cathedra" quest and am trying to catch butterflies in the train station. The crashes are making the game almost unplayable - they happen frequently, the game takes FOREVER to reload, and then I've lost butterflies that I just caught so I have to do it all over again. I'm on build 1.572492 and when the crashes happen the screen freezes, I hear a brief sound like something is stuck, and then it kicks back to the Xbox home screen. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Well, I suppose you can close this or delete it. Of course once I posted about it, it let me play. The 4th time I tried, the cut scene completed. The NPCs were blinking/flashing, though, if that means anything.
  8. I'm in Sally's playthrough and I'm on the quest Squaring the Circle (objective Travel to the Wedding Party Stones). Every time I approach the group of people who are making poison and the cut scene starts, the game crashes and kicks me out. I'm playing on Xbox One, build 1.572492. The crash happens while the cut scene is playing but not necessarily at the same point every time. It's about 7:45 p.m. game time when I approach. Any advice will be appreciated.
  9. Ah, ok. Thanks for the explanation. I can sprint past him no problem, but he gets the entire town mad at me and I can't outrun everyone (and there aren't many places to hide in the Parade). Thanks again!
  10. There's an NPC that I keep encountering in The Parade - I don't know his name; it doesn't put a name up when I hover the cursor over him like it does every other character in the game. He's tall and lanky and wearing a green hat and a trench coat. He is in one of the cut scenes with another NPC when Hostile Takeover ends and Future Perfect begins. He wanders around The Parade and any time he sees me will say something like, "Ahhh, you thought you were invisible, didn't you?" and then attacks me. Sometimes he just pops up out of nowhere and attacks me; a minute ago I was finishing House Call and had just gone through the crawl space on the conveyor belt and he was in the building when I came out the other side and immediately attacked me. Sometimes there will be 4 or 5 of him walking down the street at a time. I can barely walk from spot to spot now as I'm being attacked by the entire city every 3 minutes. Is this supposed to happen? Who IS this guy and why is he attacking me every time he sees me?! There aren't nearly as many places to hide in The Parade so I die pretty much every time and it's getting incredibly frustrating.
  11. Hi Lee, I can answer your questions, but there's been a change in my situation. When I loaded the game yesterday, it had reverted to the end of the previous quest "Hostile Takeover" (all it made me do was exit the area). I had 2 different save files with the crash and both of them had gone back to that quest. I'm not sure how that happened as the last time I exited the game, I was in the Dept. of Scientific Research, down on the floor where the machines are. SO - my current situation is that I finished Hostile Takeover again, re-started Future Perfect, this time the game did not crash, and I was able to get the machine parts, repair the machines, and finish the quest. I'm now on A Malpractice of Doctors. For debugging purposes, here are the answers to your questions from when I was stuck in the quest: - I had NO current active objective. The quest showed 7 objectives as complete - enter the Department of Scientific Research, get into the Director's office, make another way in, examine the machines, look for a fancy battery, look for a valve handle, and look for a spare nozzle. Please note that on those last three (look for the individual parts) the objective only appeared once I found the part. The game crashed after I examined the machines and those 3 objectives popped up. Once I reloaded the game after the crash, those objectives were no longer there. As I found each part, the objective appeared and was marked complete. Once I had the 3 parts, no new objective appeared. When I approached the machines with the parts, no action was possible. It didn't act like I didn't have the part... It acted like there was nothing wrong with the machine and therefore nothing for me to do with the parts. There was simply no interaction to perform and no objective to complete. - No, there was no quest marker for Future Perfect when this happened. If I went to my quest list and pressed X for it to show on the map, nothing happened there, either. - Yes, I had collected all 3 parts. I would be happy to send screenshots but it wouldn't do any good now that the quest reset. Since I'm close to finishing Arthur's story I don't want to risk messing it up right now, but once that's done I can go back into another save file and see if it reproduces. Thanks for your help and time.
  12. I was in the middle of Future Perfect and had just investigated the machines. The new objectives of finding the missing parts popped up and I started exploring downstairs (where the machines are). I pushed the button on the wall to open a door, entered the small room area (kind of looks like an elevator), pushed another button, and the game crashed. It briefly showed a loading screen but then exited completely to the Xbox home screen. When I re-started the game, my objectives were gone. The quest now shows the completed progress I have made so far but shows no open objectives of finding the parts. As I found the parts, each part's objective came up and was checked off. Now I have all 3 parts and no new objectives. I am unable to repair the machines. When I approach the machines, nothing happens and I can not interact with them at all. I've tried exiting without saving and restarting but it didn't change anything. Any advice will be appreciated. I'm on build 1.471195 on Xbox One.
  13. Good grief. Scratch that. Please disregard my above post. I have English Vice (and am partly through it). I'm just being unobservant. Thanks for your help, Compulsion!
  14. I've done this and English Vice is not triggered, just House of the Inventor. I too have the issue of not being able to talk to the bobby on the bridge. Xbox One.
  15. Quick update: I just punched the fence to see if that would do anything, and it did get the bobby's attention, but he just said some pre-programmed phrase ("You're only making it harder on yourself") and went back to ignoring me. Still no response when I press X.
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