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  1. i kinda like the old inventory system. It reminded me of waffles.
  2. 11. Will the Parade Dustrict have lots of interiors, staircases, and just look cool. Or is it going to be like the pre alpha, where there were zero interiors? 12. In future updates will insanity and cannibalism exist. For the player of course? 13. Can we have a new trap, where we can paint a fake tunnel on a brick wall, or make a sign that says downer hideout. Then all the bobbies run into the wall and look dumb? 14. Does Uncle Jack have a palace, a manor? Or live on a crazy giant airship with a pill logo on it? 15. Can we later find an old ww1 machine gun, and change the ammo with crash syringes?
  3. 1. I know there's no guns, but why not break that rule? We can have an old ww1 mounted machine guns, then restore it. Then replace the ammo with crash syringes, so when I go to Hamlyn I can cause unrest anywhere, anytime, at the simple pull of a trigger. 2. Maybe a super secret superman suit, where worn you will go super speed, and beat the crap out of everyone. Everyone thinks you're downer superman because wellies. 3. Why not go all Wile.E Coyote, and Roadrunner, by setting traps. Such as lots of paint, paint that wall to look like an open door with a sign says super downer hq, bobbies go crazy and run into the wall. It'll be great, trust me on this one. 4. We can escape Wellington Wells, then into Columbia, where I can sell my Joy at dirt cheap, and be rich. Of course a secret ending. 5. Parade District, find out where Arthur lives, and it's a safehouse. 6. Find Uncle Jacks crazy palace, and find the most prized possession ever... A flatscreen tv, with a monthly Netflix Subscription. Those two things didn't even exist yet. Wow!
  4. 5. Since these are islands and those islands are basically cliffs, can they fish? I mean fishing off basically what is like a cliff is kind of cool, so let's make them cool. 6. Since the Town Hall at the beginning is at the Parade District, why didn't they put more effort into the piñata. I know it's just a bag and a rat, but with joy that looks like a genuine one, but why on the table? Isn't the parade district the rich area? Does Spanish tradition education just plain suck? 7. When we get to the Parade District, may we be able to go into the town hall and go batshit crazy? 8. If it's the Parade District, are there parades? If so, is it good, elaborately planned, or just super half assed that only looks like an actual parade when you're on drugs? I mean on the intro, they barely managed to make a cake. 9. Does Uncle Jack host tea parties, if so how much spoonfuls of joy shall I mix in? 10. Is there a Compulsion Job mainly of answering forum questions? Do you just get to answer people whenever you want? Can you only do it on break? Do you have tea breaks?
  5. So I guess "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a huge lie?
  6. 1. In the Garden District why dont they farm? I mean I see Gardens in games, people even call it the Garden District, also there's damn plants everywhere, can't we just gather up a damn lot of seeds and plant them? I mean without Joy they remember everything, so why did they forget how to farm? Will they ever discover the hidden getting seeds and planting them technology? Find out in 1.0? 2. Why are the bobbies so tall? Is it just the art style? Maybe they are players from the NBA turned British, given bobby uniforms, and drugged up to until they remember nothing. I dunno. 3. Is the Parade District on the mainland, and part of Wellington Wells. If so then they did a damn well job making sure they don't remember anything, considering walls are expensive, Trump doesn't exist, and Bobbies only use batons. 4. Are doctors scared of apples, and can I give one a seizure or heart attack if I show it to them? If I shove an apple in their mouth does their head explode? Can I become Arthur the Badass Doctor Hunter?
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