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  1. I don't think the flaw is in the developers. Honestly the flaws are in the world generation as it prevents the team from guiding the players through a specific story, like Bioshock did. Both reward the players for going off the beaten path, it just takes longer to get the rewards in WHF. That being said, it's a different experience meant to go at a different pace. It's meant to make you feel lonely, overwhelmed, lost, and abandoned. You're trying to escape but it's quieter, with less urgency. The world isn't going to collapse around you like Rapture, but you know if you stay you'll lose yourself. I haven't yet finished Ollie's chapter, so I'm curious to know if there's any answer as to who is to blame for the state of the islands. If there really isn't, then I'd be more inclined to agree with you that the game fell short.
  2. If it's not giving you the cues to fix the machines, make sure you go up to the office on the second floor (the one you aim the cannon at eventually) and try to open the door.
  3. Right, so I just made it through Sally's chapter and it took me a while to warm up to her as a character. I found the baby-needs mechanic super daunting in the beginning, and I had a terrible time with loading screens hitting me every block on her island. Going from Arthur's "do whatever you want" gameplay to Sally's weak, restrictive, tedious chapter was a hard adjustment. Once you patiently wait for the baby feeder it opens up her world a bit more, but it was almost too stressful in my opinion. Probably wouldn't change it, now that I know what to expect. Another thing that struck me about her chapter is that her chemical knowledge and tools are basically useless. I played through the entire thing without ever touching one of the atomizers and relative potions because it was easier to just syringe people. I know that's supposed to be her defining mechanic, but I think it needs some kind of elevation in the storyline so the player is forced to use it at least once and can then see the value. While there were lots of tutorial tips about the baby, there weren't enough about Sally's crafting imo. I admit it took me at least an hour of running around in the gardens to figure out those tall red bushes were foxglove, which means I spent a lot of gameplay without being able to craft key items. A similar issue happened with the knockout syringes. Took me too long to figure out where in the craft menu they were, so I spent most of the game without them and just bashed people to death. Lastly, I might have had terrible RNG so that during the witches quest I was running at least 1.1k kilometers between quest points. It sucked. Without all that running, it makes me wonder just how short Sally's chapter really is. tl;dr Change the foxglove to pink or purple so it stands out from the roses Users should be forced to use atomizer at least once Categories in crafting menu to make it easier to find what you're looking for (healing, drugs, weapons, buffs) ???
  4. Aside from the frequent loading screens, no other major bugs to report!
  5. Hi Cajun! Sounds like you're encountering a Doctor. It's a hostile character that uses scent to detect whether or not you're on Joy. If you don't have any Joy in your system, they will sniff you out and try to force it on you, or buzzsaw you to death. The best strategy is to run past them full-sprint (imo). They're not too hard to kill in a fight, but their attacks do massive damage. I don't know if they can be fooled by the fake Joy drug called Sunshine, I was too busy running away to find out! Also, if you stay on the opposite side of the street from them, that's usually enough distance to keep them from finding you, but it always helps to run.
  6. Machine: Xbox One 1TB Version: 1.4.7 Arthur's chapter went very well! Only crashed once or twice. Sally's chapter, however, is a bit buggier. Bugs so far: Frequent Game Crashing: This is different than the crashing experienced pre-1.4. The screen usually goes black, there's no audio, and it eventually kicks me to the home screen. It usually accompanies a message from XBL asking if I have rights to the game, to insert the disc, or to purchase the game to own it. This might be a problem on Microsoft's side, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I do not currently own a paid XBL membership. Loading Screens: It seems Sally's world is very resource heavy. I go a few blocks from her door and I'm hit with a loading screen. A few more blocks, another loading screen. They're most frequent in the Joy districts. See-Through Walls? It's possible that one of the walls in her house is see-through, reminiscent of the bug with the Thomasina house. The up side is NPCs can't se me, but if someone is dead inside Sally's lab they react outside on the street. [old lady angrily yodeling] Failed to Start: While changing the nappy, the game froze. No audio cues of a crash, just frozen. I manually quit the game, and upon trying to load it the Xbox threw an error about the game taking too long to start. Then my Xbox restart. Might be on their end, not sure. I'll take notes as I play and either add to this list or create another thread once I get farther into things. Keep in mind all of this has happened within 1-2 hours of Act II, so I haven't made much progress at all.
  7. Xbox One 1Tb, 2015 Version: unsure, likely the v1.4 Just a small bug, but could be troubling if certain NPC's are aggro'd. I had entered St. George's Holm on the way to see Sally. I upset a doctor on the way and ended up running outside the city limits to escape the crowd. I then found an opening to get back on the street much farther down on the island. (Think gaps in the tight rows of housing leading to the edges of the water.) When I entered the street and into the butcher's shop, his red Bobby instantly aggro'd on me and drew a crowd which I ran outside the city limits again to avoid. I tested it a few times and realized when I got within view of anyone it would be instant suspicion/aggro. The fix was to simply die to the angry mob, and it seemed to reset their trigger.
  8. Xbox One 1Tb, 2015 v1.3.70173 Post-update I'm now only able to load from a Last Shelter Visited save, and once that happens the Save Game option in the menu is greyed out. This becomes a problem as the game is still frequent to crashing the Parade district. I noticed under my build version there's another string of numbers following a "WS:", does that have something to do with it?
  9. Xbox One 1Tb, 2015 v1.3.70173 Before the most recent patch my save file in the Parade would crash upon loading. Post-patch my manual save, autosave, and last shelter save crash as soon as Arthur finishes his opening line and the save icon appears in the upper right corner.
  10. Hi Laura, Sorry I didn't get back to you before the recent Xbox One update. My current info is: Xbox One 1Tb v1.3.70173
  11. Same bug is on Xbox One. I was kinda hoping I'd get to knock him over again!
  12. I was recently going through the quest in St. George's related to the two old and dying veterans. In the house of the first gentleman, if you unlock and open the front door it causes a flood of NPCs to enter the house and start moseying around like they own the place. Now let's say the player gets protective of the old coot and decides to vacate the unwelcomed guests with a little ultraviolence. Next they decide they want to pick up the bodies and toss them into the open coffin in the next room. It's only fitting. If the player picks up and throws about 8+ bodies with plenty more laying around, eventually the character will go through the Pick Up motion but act as if they aren't carrying anything. HOWEVER, the player seems to be carrying the ghost of the deceased because if you step out in public empty handed townsfolk will react as if you're carrying a dead body over your shoulder. The only fix seems to be dying and respawning from the last quicksave btw
  13. Have the same issue on the Xbox One. Harvesting from other bee hives works, but does not fill the requirement for the quest
  14. Congratulations to the team for making it to full release! I purchased the Early Access version of the game perhaps a year ago or more. I played at varied points in time and enjoyed the progression of the story, as well as the gameplay mechanics. I enjoy being part of the testing community and interacting with the devs about their game. Unfortunately, the market seems to expect the hard work the team has done to be given to them for free, and while the plans of development and launch changed over time, the passion at Compulsion has always been true. I'm thankful to have received the full version at the Early Access price and will be happy to purchase the Season Pass to support the team in maintaining this game as well as creating future experiences. I just wanted to make a post of appreciation for what Compulsion has given us, for the team and way they interacted with us, and for being honest about the process along the way. So happy you guys get to see your product live in the hands of thousands of players. 'Grats team! We love you ❤️
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