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  1. Something that I would like it to have is that i could customize the clothes of the character, by this I mean by parts and not a whole set. Another thing that would give more grace to the game is that the character carried some kind of backpack or shoulder strap where to carry the objects and that large objects like shovels and weapons were seen hanging from the backpack, so give a little more realism (in Instead of carrying everything in your pockets). And regarding the subject of multiplayer is something that would see it completely viable, being able to spend the story with a friend would be the culmen for this game. Anyway I see it as a game for this year, I want it to come out completely and in Spanish (even if it is in subtitles not to lose the touch of the British accent of the characters). Congratulations to all the team at Compulsion Games 10/10 (and sorry for my english <3)
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