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  1. So i just bought this game. Im loving the feel of it and ive been wanting to play it since i found it, but im sorta stuck. After the inital scenes and when you first start off in the sewer im not too sure what to do. I explored and etc left the sewer found towns and etc. but im kind of confused. The guy asks me "who won simon says" then i tell myself oh maybe that couple i met early may know. But what couple? I havent talked to anybody in the town cause no one wants to talk to me lol. I have the dirty suit on so i kinda look like them. I tried following some youtube videos but everyones game is different than mine. Even their starting point is different. They start in a room with all this stuff and I start in the sewer tunnels. All the walkthroughs ive found are different! Can someone help ?
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