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  1. WAIT! SO IT'S HAPPENING? A MOVIE? please somebody tell me I didn't misunderstand this. If not, my prayers might have been answered.
  2. @Horrorshow I feel your pain... plague can be a bitch If you have no way to treat it. And thanks for the heads up.
  3. Did you at least checked if you could actually try it?... I mean I wanted to, but couldn't, also my game was kinda bugged for that quest, Ms. Chaney attacked me as soon as I entered the window (bitch gave me two jumscares) and Wellies could enter the house and kick my downer butt.
  4. I wish there was a way to craft it
  5. @ArtzDeeva I love your theory! and I agree. Do you agree that she is a chemist? I WOULD LOVE THAT (My Bf is a chemist and he would love to play with Sally's character) I can't wait to play with her aswell
  6. @gnostalgia I agree with pretty much everything you said, However, I think that the play styles of the characters will be a little different, for example, I agree that Ollie will be more of a combat-heavy character, and will specialze on weaponry, and Arthur is "stealthier" BUT! I believe that Miss thight highs (or Sally) will be specialized on chemicals, I believe this because of the briefcase that she carries and, of course, the syringe. It would make sence that she will be more of a... chemist? About Uncle Jack, I do believe that he is actually dead, mostly because when Wastrels started complaining about "Uncle Jack's reruns", I think.... that even the Downers are listening to reruns... they just haven't noticed because the joy makes them forgetful... so the feel like it's a new one everytime, but when the joy starts making them go mad and become wastrels, they notice for the first time. I don't remember if somebody already mentioned this, but this is what I believe personally. And speaking of Uncle Jack, now that we are on the subject, in the videos, I think that either he's becoming inmune to joy and that's why he remembers things from time to time, or he doesn't take them that often and plays dumb in order to stay alive, I mean, we know what happens to downer right? Maybe that's even the reason why he might be dead.
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