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  1. I'm pretty sure this was a bug, but feel free to let me know if I'm mistaken. Ms. Chaney, the primary person in the Mother's Little Helper encounter was standing outside, bloodied, in front of the only open window to get inside her house. I don't think she was supposed to be out there. When I entered the house I know there's a "find somewhere quiet to listen in" objective. I failed that, somehow, just simply walking around in the abandoned house. Who are you supposed to listen to? The Bobbies? I wasn't quite sure why I failed that objective. But at the same time I failed it, screams of Downer were coming from outside and it seemed as if people were trying to get in the house and kill me. When I was in the attic, a few townspeople somehow got in and were about to kill me when Ms. Chaney came in and killed them with her cleaver (heroic...although I don't know how she got back in the house?) Anyway, I left the house and was standing outside and saw tons of citizens standing outside the house ready for combat, but they didn't bother me. When I got closer, they dispersed and I saw some NPC and Chaney dead on the ground. I was able to sing her key and check out the upstairs when some Walking Dead stuff occurred. Chaney was back and trying to kill me for checking out her place so I had to kill her once more. Sorry for the long post but a lot of odd things happened!
  2. Hi all, I'm relatively new to We Happy Few and I'm still trying to navigate the game! My question is about empty power cells. Is there a way to fill them or charge them? I've made it to Maidenholm and have Prof. Faraday's motilene harvester but I haven't figured out how that translates to filling power cells (or does it)? Any help is appreciated!
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