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  1. So can I use their rifle as a weapon ?
  2. How about the new trailer that you are making ?
  3. Such as fat bobbies Short Bobbies Armed bobbies And old man willies fat willies something like that ?
  4. A list of suggestions : 1. Can we have ranged weapons in this game such as " Completely Joy Pistol (CJ handcannon ) " , or " sleepy Crossbow " something like that ? 2. Add more difference kinds of NPC ? Such as old wastrel , short bobbies, fat bobbies , or bobbies with a beard ... old man willies...something like that ? 3. Can we have vehicles in this game ? Maybe a bicycle ?.... What is your idea ? 4. Can we build our own shelter ? Or buy a house ? 5. Do you have a limit of taking joy ? Such as if you take too much joy, you will lose all your memories again and that means game over..... #sorry for my bad English grammar i hope you can understand it So, what is your idea about my suggestions Can it be possible or what ? Share your ideas !
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