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  1. So after hearing about the new major update, I decided to come back and see if I can find any new bugs Sure enough I did, so let's begin. *Edited note* Sorry for the outburst (for anyone who has seen my personal note), just was a little bit frustrated after the sudden increase in money. A friend of mine has given me a better perspective on the matter. I am now willing to believe that content will keep growing for the game as it progresses to be a full release. Now that gearbox has teamed up with you mates working at Compulsion, this game is now considered a AAA game. With that in mind, the price for it is really reasonable. So biggest apologizes for my outburst, and hoping to soon get more bugs and glitches out soon. I still need to get to the Village in my world! Cheers Update 1 If talking to a character as they enter combat under too much suspicious behaviour, if you immediately go behind their back, this can tend to happen for a split second. Somehow none of the people stuck in the door way were alarmed by this woman in combat stage. Mostly due to short space rooming with multiple NPC's in standing in a fixed position until you hit one or one enters combat. If you use Caltrops on NPC's and then Takedown, they're animation doesn't change. Text veers off to the bottom when looting an NPC in the menu This one quest seems to be the one with the worst bugs. Entering the house and talking to the NPC has caused this to happen This guy is stuck in sitting position, moves normally and gets startled, ending his sitting position at the stairs. Multiple misplacement Certain Info bars are smaller than others Suggestions Have the little custom marker on your compass as well as having a floating indicator When choosing how long to sleep for, have a scroller as well as a + and - buttons Also, the percentage for gaining health while sleeping is shown as a negative and the percentage for losing hunger and thirst is shown as a positive. Should look into that. So yeah, thanks for releasing this major update Compulsion, I haven't gotten to the Wellies side but I will soon. Keep up the good work And don't forget to take your Joy!
  2. Here's another report to help support this game as it progresses through it's stages. Update 4 Melee weapons can sometimes not appear while having it drawn. I believe this bug happens through welding at the same time getting shocked by something like the bobbies grenades. More building misplacement Few animation misplacement Few Ideas that could change how players play Injecting joy-filled people with a crash syringe makes them depressed and won't react to happiness or people hitting them. Maybe when the NPC is half way down on health, make them run away or surrender. I feel like making them completely useless doesn't work. Read the description of Sunshine. I feel like Sunshine has the same effect as joy entirely. It has very similar effect duration and they both make the player suffer from withdrawal when joy effects rub off. Maybe have no withdrawal on the Sunshine to give it more a difference. Cheers Compulsion And don't forget to take your Joy!
  3. Update 3: Sometimes leaving hiding spots while NPC's are near can cause them to automatically detect you, even if the door is closed and locked. Lower an NPC's health to a point where they surrender, in a room, locked. If they run into you, they can die, they just... die. Offering the guarding bobby (that is part of the 'Moon Juice's Leech') will not alter his mood, and will consume one of your Scotch. I've wasted three Scotch doing this bug, they all had the same outcome. Some NPC's can phase through props on their own or when you disrupt their animation by talking to them. Some Props can phase through other props. I carried the NPC Mary (from the quest 'It's a Terrible Life') through a checkpoint [This checkpoint was the infection checker] and when arriving in the other island, I have stopped carrying her and she has completely disappeared. To explain this bug further, you can also hear her talk to you when entering your world or reviving from second-wind. Quote "This is my stop... George. I'm afraid that I have to get up now." (And yes, I am kinda responsible for this bug happening, for I should of waited for George to arrive at the gate before charging head first into the door. But in my defence, I was running away from downers.) Here is a video as well as a map picture to show the quest is bugged In this enclosed area with spankers, these three bobbies always get stuck in this spot. This has also appeared in the previous update (before Maidenholm was released). This red bobby is still sighted outside the store. Peculiar. Found more animation and NPC shifting out of place by small fractions or greatly in a metre of distance. Things I have discovered: If you get close enough to a wall crouched, bobbies can not detect you. Odd but it just works as a tactic at night. This even works with Peepers! Peepers will not scan you if you are standing or crouching in the door frame of a Downer Detector. Wow, what a list! I'll try and get more! Cheers Compulsion!
  4. Update 2: Peeper is noted to scan your player through walls, as long as the player is at close proximity to it, both in height and distance. Rendering Bug, this could be a special operation where the computer doesn't render textures from far away distances or behind walls, so that it can free up the CPU. World generation outside the Garden District needs a few more improvments. The store Bobby has been seen outside the shop without the player attacking the bobby or the clerk at the store. He was also seen going hostile when getting close to him running in the door. After that, he resumed his normal post as passive. Voice lines and NPC placement in the first cinematic of the quest 'Speaker's Corner' are occasionally jumbled. Meaning that a woman's or man's voice will be played, and the camera will be placed on an NPC of that opposite sex, making it odd. This steel shutting window has been noted as open. When pressing the red button, it plays the opening animation. Everything resets and works fine afterwards. I'll hopefully find more while I play the new update Cheers Compulsion!
  5. Update 1: Path colliding with wall, this bug has only appeared close to a checkpoint where you can cross to different islands (this text was edited) NPC's shifting out of their sitting location If anymore bugs I encounter, I will hopefully report Cheers!
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