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  1. Pacifist Achievement, hmmm.. Honestly, I dont really interested in achievements or care much about the not killing. I just simply thought about the progress I having when play WHF, being Arthur. Just imagine, playing a game giving you unique experiences, strange feelings. Things that you can never have in reality. What would you have in mind after playing the game? My answer is the progress of you playing the game. The choices you made, the actions you did, the game "reactions." It keep buzzing you inside your head. On the other hand, I think the point is not judging people. What Arthur feels doesn't relate to anyone. They wouldn't mind. It was Arthur who got affected anyway. So... The moral aspects, as you said, if are leaving to the players then it would like doesn't exist... at all. Players want to have fun time or memorial time in game. They anticipate to find it in your game. You can't expect them to think it out themselves. Oops, wrote too much... Im gonna end here. Mom said it wasn't good to talk too much.
  2. How do you do, everyone! First times ever write a post on the forum. So exciting! First of all, I am very appreciate for the new update. It felt almost like a whole new game. So many new things, so many new experiences. But, the fact that it also got a lot of bugs. (Sorry to say that.) Any way, let's begin! Joy in We Happy Few have been a very significant traits. It is the main reason of all and also the very means that Arthur used to overcome many challenge. Without it, the game lose it unique. But... in my opinion, Joy can be much more than it already is. Players of the game have been complain about the survival side of it a lot, right? Like anywhere, the forum, steam, gog. Many people do not satisfy. "Too easy," "too unrealistic," etc. And I just thought out a way to help (I think) improve the survival aspect and make Joy something "more." When I controlled Arthur kill someone, he usually just did it without hesitation and having no bad consequences afterwards. In the real world, when you try to take somebody's life, what will you be like? Just do it straight? Without thinking? Can you do that? I know I can't. Having spent a lot of time with Arthur through the game, I might say he also can't. But life is rough, especially in Wellington Wells, Arthur have to overcome it to survie. Let's just say that Arthur overcome his fear and kill someone. Wouldn't he be like... sad? Would you? I think I would. The killing'd make Arthur's sanity corrupted. Making him become less effective in the game: Run slower, can't eat, can't sleep, affecting him in his way of surviving. So now we got penalties for killing. We need something to balance with these penalties, help the players, Arthur, to overcome those sadness, make the chance of surviving large again. Hmmm. Forget all the sadness, being happy. What would it be, I might ask? What would it be??
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