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  1. I still don't even have the steam soundtrack, I even made a request to Gearbox Software but after a week they still haven't reached back to me.
  2. Alrighty; so ill just have to wait for it to be on the downloadable content. How long do you think it will be until then?
  3. I activated my Vinyl code on my steam account, the soundtrack is now released on steam but i don't have it for some reason. ?
  4. I also wish PS4 did cross-platforming with steam so I can save money
  5. My computer’s CPU exploded so now I have to buy it again on PS4 and I was wondering about this. Thank you!
  6. I have been playing WHF sense 11/26/2017 and so far i have loved the game but because of it recent changes in development i have no idea what to do. My problem is that i have the Pre-Alpha version of WHF on steam, yes i can refund it at anytime but i'm not sure if that is the correct thing to do. To make this post less complicated i just ask of 3 questions. 1. Should I keep the Pre-Alpha Version? 2.If i were to keep it, am i able to play the full version and if i do, will i have to buy the Season Pass? 3. Will there be a change in marketing options? ( for example: Time Capsule Bundle has no game, will this change at all?)
  7. First of all, i want to apologize for what i might say and ask in this post. Sense pre-alpha release this community and the creators of this awesome game have been tortured and constantly asked this; "When does the full game come out?" or "I want the full game now!" more or less acting like a bunch of Wastrels crying when they should just take their Joy. (wait for it like the rest of us). However, I heard that the game would be release from 6-12 months after its pre-alpha release, and its been about 7 months now. My main question is that a video advertising the game has given a release date and I'm wanting to know if its legit, Its a E3 2016 trailer for We Happy Few. The Video: [ ] It says that it will be released by July 26, 2017 for Xbox One, sense it will be released for Xbox one, I will assume that it will be also released for other PS4 & PC. Now; This could be a mistake, and the game could be pushed back farther, I just got really excited and wanted to make sure this was either true. I can just wait and play the Maidenholm Update. Once again, i'm sorry for making this post because of how many you guys get, but that factor is I am in love with this game (76 hours of enjoyment) and i cant wait for the full story.
  8. I have played WHF sense it released on steam, and so far this update has given me more Joy then when i first bought it, I'm not saying the pre-alpha didn't make me happy (I loved it) but this update brought so many more events, beautiful styles, and action. Personally, thank you all for making this game possible and thank you for working so hard on it, I know alot of people are barking up your butts saying; "When is the full game going to come out?" or "I want more!", But personally right now, i would be happy with this update alone and I still cant believe that this "Sandbox Mode" is only a small part in Arthur's story. Bugs that i have experienced when playing and finishing the Maidenholm Update; Multiple times the voice clips would often loop; for every time I would go to a new island, the voice clip "looks like hes got a device for disarming electronic traps, but why didn't he use it?". Then on other time Arthur would get what I called the Dreaded Cough; Arthur would constantly cough like he was in Moteline or The Fog until i either died or it would unbug itself. Also, the Mine, Mine, Mines digging spot broke; aka there was no chest. The only 2 worse times would be when I overdosed on Joy and when i woke up i could not look up or down, only left and right.. ya doesn't seem too bad; until you want to grab that apple that you need on the shelf; but oops you cant look down to get it.. and the only way i solved this matter was to jump off the edge of the island; normal knocking you out wont fix it... i tried.The last bug i found was before the slight patch; I would crash ever time i went to go inside of the Sewer area in Maidholm but it was fixed... hopefully. That's about all the bugs I have experienced when playing this amazing update, once again thank you for making this beautiful game and i can't wait for 1.0 release!
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