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  1. like the title says, I originally posted this on the WHF sub buuuuuuut it occurred to me that this would be the more appropriate place for this. sorry if anyone ends up seeing it twice. just wanted to share some first impressions after ~10 hours playing with the life in technicolor update Quests • As always, the encounters were fantastic and I am really enjoying the larger scale of the encounters we’ve seen over the last few updates • I died of thirst a couple times in “The Big Stink” underground encounter because I didn’t think it would be such a lengthy encounter and I didn’t bring enough canteens. A tooltip to the effect of “I might be stuck under there for a long time…” or something like that would have been appreciated • I have mixed feelings about the ability to turn down the butcher’s quest permanently. I had invested about 10 hours into playing through the update (lost one save to a crashing bug) and FINALLY got to this quest, accidently turned it down, and was unable to reaccept it. So I actually haven’t played this one yet! I’ve heard it’s fantastic and I’m sure it will be worth the wait, but I was really salty for a little bit there. It would be nice if you could take the butcher up on his offer at a later date or something • The “HAWORTH LAB TOP SECRET- redacted until 1.0” thing was the most a game has ever teased me in my entire life • Overall, all the quests seem a lot more stable and less buggy than before. In the previous build of the game, there were several quests that if I didn’t do an exact, specific way, it would ruin the quest forever and I haven’t encountered that yet (expect for the butcher’s quest, which is obviously intentional) • The cub reporter quest is my new favorite quest in gam • I don’t get a dick the naughty duck for completing the “everybody must get stoned” quest anymore, and that makes me sad • Speaking of “everybody must get stoned”, nobody comes to fight me once the guy rings the bell anymore, which I think is a bug? • where the fuck is the rubber ducky in the campfire quest?! The inventory stuff • Weight-based is much easier to manage. In my entire play through, the only time I ever ran into a inventory issue was when I accidently picked up 15 lead pipes from the underground quest • The way that the inventory is sorted is awkward to me. I love all the tabs (like a clothes tab, weapon tap, etc.) but a bunch of shit seems to be sorted in the health inventory section when it isn’t health related. It’s annoying when I really need a band-aid and am sorting through screws and metal bits and shit • I dislike that I can’t change the healing item in the top quickslot. It seems to always equip the lowest quality healing item. My old strategy was to have the most powerful healing item in a quickslot so I could heal to 100% in an emergency but the game doesn’t let me do that anymore unless I don’t have any shitty healing items in my inventory at all • Although inventory expansion kits don’t feel as necessary anymore, they’re still really hard to find. I know of a couple that I can snag every time I play but for new players this might be kind of discouraging The UI • The new hallucinagic mushroom visuals are fantastic • I really, really don’t like the new way quests are organized in the “secondary quests” part of the journal. Before, all the uncompleted quests are on top, and completed quests were moved to the bottom. Now, it lists the quests by location, and I end up scrolling through a bunch of random quests ive already completed to try and find the one I just got 30 seconds ago, which is annoying • The in-game tips REALLY left me with the impression that taking joy in the garden district is a good way to reduce downer suspicion, which did not turn out to be the case. as a final note, while this build is easily the best build I've played of WHF so far, it seems to be the most unstable. I rarely crashed before this and now I lost one save to some bug where it crashes every five minutes without fail, and my other save works but crashes pretty consistently about once per hour. I've heard that a hot fix is coming for this so hopefully that fixes the problem ill play more as soon as the hot fix comes out and will share more thoughts then. I would love to hear anyone elses thoughts
  2. i am almost positive you can't craft neximide, you just have to find it in game. if your desperate you could use the dev counsel to generate some edited to add: even using the unlockallreciepe cheat doesn't unlock a neximide craftable so I don't think its something you can craft
  3. i've played a ton of different saves on the newest update and 40-50% of maidenholm streets are always empty (no quests/shops/lootable houses). it makes navigating it kind of a pain, particularly when you're exploring it for the first time trying to find things.
  4. @zhuzha i believe that the joy update was going to address AI as well
  5. Final comment: thank you for including my engagement story in the weekly update totally made me smile
  6. Also random question: does anyone know if the doctors will be making an appearance before launch? Love me some doctors
  7. as much as i am dying in anticipation for the next update, i'm all for quality over quantity. thanks for sharing your plans and reasoning with us, it's cool to know whats going on
  8. I stream on twitch Tuesdays and Thursdays on twitch from 8pm-12am Ct. I also love watching others play so if anyone else streams this regularly if you share your info i will tune in!
  9. I think the year in the date is just a typo, as that date in 2016 is when early access released pubically. As far as a timeline goes, it looks like now we're looking at late 2017/early 2018 for a full release. There's some more details along with an explanation regarding the delay in this post here: http://compulsiongames.com/en/news/118/weekly-journal-we-happy-few-roadmap-xbox-one-update-and-movie-adaptation-news
  10. thats really intersting! i can't find any comments specifically addressing dressing like a solider but they have mentioned a upcoming quest regarding arthur and a dying old solider so maybe its related to that? i also found a constable uniform using the dev counsel. description reads "look like a constable, but not up close", so that was kind of interesting...i know devs said that the next update will focus on conformity so maybe these will play a role in that?
  12. The fact that the body sucker is named "the jubilator" is fucking hilarious. Is there a reverse function to spit rotton, mushed up bodies back out at people?
  13. i kind of agree with thejoyfuldowner. i do think a weight-based system could be good, and i'm all for not having to play inventory Tetris, but i like having to make choices now...do i hold on to a rare item i don't use often just because i probably won't find it again and i might need it for something someday? or do i ditch it for boring but practical metal bits because i need to make more lock picks and clever trap tools? These choices add a lot of meaning and weight to the game for me personally. i also don't know how i feel about the changes to quick slots. although i think the spawning of inventory/quickslot/holster expanders could use some adjusting,i love the satisfaction of finding them in game, and having to decide what items to utilize in them. i know this isn't a inventory management or crafting game at it's core so i'm all for making changes but i hope this doesn't make the decisions you have to make while looting and such irreverent
  14. i'm not sure if the images are showing up correctly, but here is a link to an imgur post with them: http://imgur.com/a/xX4dE i would be happy to send over the save info but unfortunately i already deleted that save file...would it still be helpful?
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