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  1. Never mind. Just read the full story mode will be released once the full game goes live. So i'll wait. I know nobody cares that i'm just going to wait - but i just wanted to put that out there. Take care. Have a great day. Hope everyone on the team isn't stressing too hard. Ok. I'm done now. Bye.
  2. I beat the version of the game once in March. I really do not have a huge attention span and do not like replaying content. I could probably play this game one more time before i completely move on. I saw that there were 2 more substantial content releases since i last completed the game. I would just like to know if alot more content will be added before the main release and i should just wait until then. -Barron
  3. Stuck in the house all day today and tomorrow thanks to 2 feet of snow. Really happy since i got this game today. I really think its shaping up to be a great game. With all that said, i was just wondering if you will be adding anymore items and craft recipes to the game? I know guns will never be added because that would completely break balance, but other mellee weapons and such.
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