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  1. Artz, you can imagine how impressed we were by your very well thought-out theories! Indeed, we worried so much that you'd figure everything out that we put a few red herrings in the lore! Hope you like the final game.
  2. odacaesar: We are also big Austin Powers fans! I think you will enjoy some of the things we have in store!
  3. 1. I'm working on environmental narrative for the Parade District right now, and the locations are going to be amazing. The art team has VERY cool stuff planned. 2. Not telling. 3. Funny! 4. Not telling. 5. Very cool idea!
  4. Hi, Abraham! Thanks for the kind words about the narrative! I'm one of the writers on the game, and your wish list coincides with my To Do list quite a bit! We've been working on some exciting phone conversation scripts this month, and I'm also writing a BUNCH of newspaper articles that I hope you'll enjoy once they're incorporated into the game. (Plus there's some other fun stuff I can't tell you about yet!) Thanks so much for writing to us!
  5. @ArtzDeeva Love that you have a board of clippings and screen shots! Someone in Wellington Wells will also (eventually) have a board of clippings and clues, trying to figure out the secrets of the village. (We mentioned it in our most recent weekly: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/90629/weekly-journal-17-03-2017-back-from-pax-east-and-into-the-trenches)
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