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  1. Well I feel sad too because I honestly really wanted to enjoy this game because I was so hyped about it and loved most of what I had seen in early access. Otherwise I wouldnt have gotten it as soon as it came out on steam. I hope the hotfix you guys are working on will fix most of the issues. I really look forward to playing it again and hopefully enjoying it without such issues and in a more polished version. I just hope that you don't abandone the game and all its potential but I think there still are many things that could or even have to be done before it really becomes the game that it deserves to be. When all the bugs, glitches and maybe some gameplay issues with the survival mechanics or the AI are ironed out it will become a really interesting and storydriven survival experience. Until then I wish you guys good luck and I look fowrward to the comming patches and updates.
  2. Well I simply dont want to palay a game of luck if I can continue my playthrough or have to restart all over again just because of a gamebreaking bug. I will wait and see when the fixes come. If you look at the reviews many peaople have experienced countless bugs. Just look at these forums...and tbh the minority actually uses the forums to report bugs.
  3. Exactly I mean I honestly love the game and its concept...but in a full release there shouldnt be gamebreaking bugs in the main questline. If it was a simple sidequest okay then i would just ignore it and enjoy the rest of the game but so...Seems like I will wait another few months when all the bugs have been fixed, and they have brought back proper survival mechanics like in the early access. You just have to look at the steam reviews to see that the launch...sadly...seems to have been way to early. I just hope they dont abandon the game and fix it. I have waited a years for it since it was announced so a few months dont really matter to me. Its just a bit dissapointing because in my opinion this game has so much potential.
  4. So as the title says my playthrough ends in Maidenholm because the Bobby HQ wasnt even generated on my map... I play the Steamversion on the Build v1.1.69866 .
  5. Yes I know that there are multiple difficulty options. But like I said in my post the problem is that the debuff you get when you don't eat, drink or sleep is just a minor inconvenience regardless of the difficulty setting you choose. I just wanted to express the thought that one singel berry shouldnt fill your hunger completly and give you the buff. You can find like hunderds of these really easy and it devalues all other food items. Why use all the good stuff when one singel berry does the job? I found it way more usefull to sell all the good food and just eat berrys because it works and in my opinion playing on hard it shouldnt work especially not on hard mode. In the earlier versions you sometimes had to eat the rotten stuff if you weren't prepared enough or atleast eat like 5 berry to somehow fill your hunger. The description even says that the berry is "not terribly filing, though". Well it seems it is extremly filling. Its completly okay if the requierements would be like this on easy or even are removed completly but on hard thats not difficult in any good way, if at all its just a bit annoying.
  6. So I played quite a few hours of the full version and honsetly...I miss the survival aspect of the earlier versions. Food and other items have no real use if 1 only 1 berry completly fills your hunger and gives you the buff. Thats waaaaay to easy in my opinion. Atleast please bring back the option to make it like hard mode where food and water have an actual use and starving and so on can kill you again. Playing the game now feels like generally playing on easy mode.
  7. No Problem I am happy that I could help getting a potential bug out of the game ^^
  8. No Quest marker when I track the Quest. No text, description or anything like that in my quest journal. I tried saving and Reloading and I think I also once walked by the mushroom log at night. Not exactly at 11PM but still nobody was at the log. Like I said when I first visited the log there were people there but they ran away when I accidentally pressed e and Arthur set down on the log.
  9. Oh okay yeah at that time i had more than 3 joy pills in my inventory. Thats explains it ^^ Well thanks for your fast answer!
  10. I have no Objective and the entry is completely empty nothing there, no text at all. I could try to add a screenshot if that helps.
  11. On the Bridge to Wellington Wells there is an Joy Dispenser in front of the Joy Detector but i cant use it. Did they patch this in an update or is it a bug because I remember in previous Versions i could use it to get trough the Joy detector without having to craft sunshine or somehow finding a joy pill outside of wellington wells.
  12. Also Arther says in his Journal that the Name Dr Verloc sounds familiar to him.
  13. Oh and one thing i forgot: On the Bridge to Wellington Wells there is an Joy Dispenser in front of the Joy Detector but i cant use it. Did you patch this in an update or is it a bug because I remember in previous Versions i could use it to get trough the Joy detector without having to craft sunshine or somehow finding a joy pill outside of wellington wells.
  14. So 1. I think this is probaly known by now and i understand its an early build i bought it days after it was on steam and i love the progress but you guys plan to improve the AI Chasing right? I mean its like i run around one corner and swush nobody searches for me anymore or chases me. I mean it shouldn't be crazy hard to escape but i could be a bit easier or? 2. Some items or materials in the current state o the game just feel pretty useless and you cant even sell those thbhings because all merchants only sell but do not buy. Do you plan to make merchants also buy your stuff so you can actually earn some money by selling your loot and not only buying their stuff. Wich brings me directly to the next point. 3. Do you guys plan to make loot respawn after a while? Yeah i know there are alot of ways that you can find food crafting materials and other stuff but espacially in the case that you make the player able to sell his loot to the merchants (for example in wellington wells) it would be a good idea to make loot respawn after a while. Otherwise you could end up selling all your stuff and then have nothing to eat because you spend all ypur money on jimmy bars. Yeah thats a dumb investion but it could happen...maybe. None the less i would think it would be a nice idea if loot respawned after like 5 or 10 in game days so you can go out and loot again. 4. Please do something so you can expand your inventory a bit faster. In earlyer versions i had not such a big Problem finding inventory expansion kits but now i didnt find a singel one, only thes pocket expansion kits, yeah i take that too but my inventory is still overflowing with wich brings me to my second point kind useless items. Otherwise i love your game i really enjoy every second playing it and i am so hyped for the full release and the full story You guys do a great job and i love the game and the progress it makes!
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