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  1. Questions: 1.) Will the collector set come out before final release. 2.)Why cant we preorder the season pass on xbox one without buying the deluxe? I already have the game. 3.) When is rain coming?
  2. When do you expect the next update to come out and what's UWP?
  3. I forgot, 4.) Why is only some of the roads in the village like a rainbow? And then they just end and turn into regular roads. Are you gonna make them all into rainbow roads or are they still making them in the story? 5.) Why is there sometimes cars with blocks as the tires? They tend to have bodies by them, were those people trying to escape?
  4. This goes to anyone that can answer: 1.) Any idea when rain will be added? 2.) Are you guys planning on making the islands more natural? For example, curved streets (like the starting screen) and hills in the village? 3.) In one of the weekly updates was a picture of a house on fire, was that part of the city collapsing if we stay too long or will we be able to burn down houses?
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