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  1. yeeah!! i get it! when i try it for the 4th time the npc's patroul ^^ thanks for the help!
  2. yeah, i do. My Problem is they didn't patroul. they standing in groupes of 2.... espacially on the stairs in the big room, so i can't get upstairs.... is it a bug maybe? or is it on special times?
  3. Hey Guys! First of all, sry for my bad grammar! I do some German Let's Plays at the Moment, but i really stuck at the Mystery House.... i take the first woman down, but in the libary and in the room with the piano there are two of them and i don't get to the first floor without beeing seened. I try a lot things, but maybe i think to complicated? It's a bit different now like in last Summer I get in my Saveroom a 100 times and i'm tired now ^^' Don't find something in the Internet.... all videos and post are 6 or 5 month old and it changes toooo much. (i've seen videos where noone is in the house?!?! Oo) Maybe I'm blinde pls help!! <3 Greetings
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