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  1. like the topic said. This is look like the last part of this quest and the symbol show it locate near the farm I received this case , but after I tried 3 times. I don't see anything look like letter. What I suppose to do? ps. I looked to walkthough on Youtube and I saw the quest ended up when we give pill to the first person. I can't find anyone got a same problem.
  2. I brought this game when Pre-alpha opened from Steam, after I played it many time. I like it, but the problem is I can't play from the last point before I die. So it annoys me a little bit. I tried to search how to resolved it , but every ways are not work. I read WHF's article that developer announced for update's patches and see Update 6.1 said it was resolved this problem, but i still don't know how to update it or i have to find another way or maybe it not suited for my version. so what I have to do? Note: I knew many people may asked about it, but I couldn't find old forum about this topic. By the way, if you have willing to set up game like this, it's okay. I just wonder...
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