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  1. Yes it was fully charged, it was from the guy who drank the motline and threw it up into a power cell. The only other exit I see is the big building but there's a bobby blocking the door so I gave him alcohol and he stumbled away but I needed a bridge key card? Will this bridge lead me to the toxic city and then to a wastrel city if I can find a bridge? How do I hack the lock Zhuzha? I'm sorry I don't know how to directly reply lol.
  2. Hello all! I purchased this game a few weeks ago after the update was released and have really been enjoying it so far. I've watched quite a few gameplays of the game and know how it ends so I've spent most of my gametime exploring and trying to complete all quests. When I came to the Bridge of Joy quest I had a powercell and the constable's key card but when I tried to put the power cell in the downer detector it wouldn't work? I'm not sure if there was a glitch or if I needed something else because it only said insert power cell when I hovered. I initially thought I needed to do something on the other side of the bridge (Wellington Wells) so I used the constable's key card to get through the door on the right but after I went through the door it closed and locked behind me so now I can't get back into the Garden district because the downer detector is not activated. I know I can beat the game from this point since I'm almost done collecting advanced mechanical parts for Ferdey but I really wanted to finish the few quest I had left in the wastrel districts. Is there anyway for me to leave Wellington Wells and get back to a wastrel district without the downer detector?
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