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  1. If There Was A Sanity Meter, I Think It Should Be Lowered In Various Ways, Such As Unlawful Actions, Having Critical Statuses, Taking Severe Damage And Being Near A Suspicious/Hostile NPC, And Recovered By Joy And Sleep.
  2. I Think There Could Be A Small Area Protected By A Bobby And A Joy Detector That Has A Several Rich Houses. To Get In You Would Need A VIP Pass While Wearing A Fancy Suit. (Or You Could Just Kill The Constable) There Could Also Be A Patty-Cake Game Where The VIPs See Who Will Be The Last One(s) Standing, As The Game Gets Progressively Faster. Tell Me What You Think! (Fun Fact: The Idea Is In Fact A Less Absurd Version Of A Dream I Had.)
  3. Adjustable Security I Think There Should Be Options For How Hard Automated Security Systems Want To Screw You Over, To Add To The Variety Of Gameplay Styles, And Not Because I Miss Completely Turning Hamlyn Village Against It's Own Citizens. Prototype: Reversals Are Permanent And Always Favour The Protagonist. Industrial: Reversals Are Temporary And Favour Downers. Futuristic: Reversals Are Limited, Only Prefer Downers, And Control Panels Fix Themselves After A While. CLEAR YOUR JOY IMMEDIATELY I Tried Reversing A Peeper's Polarity, And It Seemed Nothing Happened. I Was Going To Talk About It, But Then Realised Devs Are Already Doing Something About It, So It's Just Be A Theory. Apart From The Obvious "Attacks Wellies", A Reversed Peeper Would Have A Glitched Messaging System When Scanning For Joy. It'd Be Something Like "YOU MUST (Glitches) CLEAR YOUR JOY IMMEDIATELY." And That's All Feel Free To Post Your Thoughts On These Subjects
  4. I Think All But Idea 4 And 5 Should Be Exclusive To DevCheats, But I Agree That Idea 3 Would Be Hilarious
  5. I Think You Should Get A Special Cutscene For When You Kill The Pack Leader, Because It's Just You Looking At The Corpse For About 15 Seconds (Yes I Used Dev Cheats To Get A Powerful Weapon)
  6. I Found A New Suit In The Dev Console Which Has The Description: Soldiers will salute you until they figure out you're not really an officer. It's Implied That It'll Have A Similar Conformity Effect To The Bobby Uniform, And Have A Protection Bonus Probably Better Than The Padded Suit. Also, Using The unlockalllore Command, You Get A Report Warning The Constables About A Person Whose Details Match Arthur's. Maybe If The Protagonist Becomes Notorious Enough, They'll Be More Suspicious In The Eyes Of Bobbies? Any Other Speculations Or Comments From Devs?
  7. I Could Imagine A WHF Theme Park, With Some Rides Requiring You To Take Joy.
  8. What's The General Performance Of Your Computer? If It's Slow, Then The CPU Will Barely Cope With The Game.
  9. I Like The Idea! It'll Be In The Next Major Update, I Bet.
  10. Ideas I Think There Should Be A Way To Permanently Or Semi-Permanently Increase The Speed At Which Arthur Walks And Runs, Like A Running Suit Or A Skill Book. Red Bobby Outfit To Provide Protection Or Some Way To Look Like A Constable From Any Distance. Wastrel Versions Of The Bobby And Doctor, Basically A Powerful Wastrel With Insomnia Who Is Dressed Like A (Beaten) Old West Sheriff, And A Wastrel Who Will Stick Anyone On Joy With A Crash Syringe, With A Chance They'll Cause Bleeding. Questions If A Wastrel Notices You Beating Up A Constable Guarding The Apple Tree (Or A Wellie In General), Wouldn't They Assist Or Root For You? Same With Wellies Seeing You Kill A Wastrel. If You're Withdrawing From Joy, Would Wastrels Like And Trust You More? Could A Wellie Have Someone They Could Never Bring Themselves To Attack, No Matter How Obvious It Is They're A Downer?
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