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  1. How exactly do you make a quest active? Do you just have to read the info or does that have to be the last one you selected?
  2. Thanks so much for the comment!!! That picture is awesome! I can't wait to see what she can do... Unfortunately I didn't keep up with the very early development or I might know more myself. I watched Markiplier play this game over a year and a half ago (I think) and I fell in love with it, but then heard nothing else for about a year till it was released on steam! 5. I never noticed that! I think you're so right.... woah.... that's messed up and so cool at the same time! 6. I think my question is more of... why is it coming through the phone at all? Like who's saying these things and why? I wonder if it's other downers and we just don't see them doing it... perhaps that's why they get mad when I bust open the coin boxes... Don't worry!!! I'm very happy you commented. I love to hear what others think about it to.
  3. Okay so I had the campfire encounter, talked to the crazies, all well and good. Watched the guy throw a rubber duck. Looked exactly where he threw it, kept my eye on that duck, looked like it glitched threw a wall but no problem, it would probably be on the other side right? No. It's gone. WHERE. IS. THE. DUCK!? I've looked EVERYWHERE and I can't find it. I'm getting really salty, please help.
  4. I have a bunch of questions about this game that come to mind. I thought I'd post about it in general chat to see what the community may theorize or if the devs feel like piping up (if it's not to much of a spoiler of course!) 1. Will we ever be able to save without having to quit to the main menu/desktop? 2. I've heard there will be other characters with other stories. Will there be a lady character as well as the gents? Also I wonder, will they have some reletion to Aurthur or will they have their own independent story lines. 3. Once you leave on your little raft and "win" is that.... it? Because I'm not sure it is. In one post it almost seemed like the devs were saying that his story continues on the mainland in the "parade" district? Interesting *steeples fingers* 4. WHERE DO THEY BURY THEM???? 5. WHERE DOES THE FOG COME FROM???? (4 - 5 are jokes. Unless you actually have a theory and would like to share.) 6. What in the hell do the messages on the payphones mean? If they mean anything at all! I am so very confused... 7. Will we ever be able to access Aurthur's old office building? 8. Why are the devs so cool? Like seriously, where does all their awesome come from? I might edit this and add more questions. Theories, answers, more questions all welcome!!!
  5. JYM is right about the hanging body. Yes I'm sure about the pipe. I tried and tried and tried but it wasn't giving me the ability to climb up or jump onto it. Very strange. I'm on PC sorry for forgetting to mention that. And the thing with the map, if you want I could take some screenshots of what it looks like to me? Maybe that would help?
  6. After crossing Lud's Holm bridge, and then attempting to cross back to the starting island you can no longer climb up the second pipe (aka the pipe right next to the hole in the fence gate) Saving and quitting to main menu while in Wellington Wells and then loading the save again teleports you back to the second Garden Island (plague) Lud's Holm bridge again - the hanging body is no longer there. Biggest one here that I've noticed: The map is no longer filling out the way it used to. Meaning, there are patches missing on the map even if you've been to the spot more than once. Not sure if this is just a result of the new quest tracking or if it's an actual bug. Sorry if some of these have already been noted, I checked the FAQ.
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