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  1. Hi, After updating the game to version 1.6.75622 the save game now loads fine and as of writing this I haven't had any problems. I wasn't expecting this to be fixed so quickly, thank you.
  2. Xbox one version 1.5.72492 So about 2/3 of the way through Arthur's play through, the game began occasionally crashing causing the console to turn off, and when I restarted it and loaded the save file it worked fine again. But during Sally's playthrough after entering Nick Lightbearer's house the game crashed again and now no matter which save file I select (any manual save or the auto save) the game loads to a completely blank screen except updates telling me I'm well rested etc. appearing briefly in the corner. There are background noises coming from the environment but I can't see or do anything, and none of the buttons that I press do anything so I end up having to quit the game via the xbox menu. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed since the game wasn't cheap and I'd been awaiting it's release for a long time, so I don't particularly want to have to restart the game.
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