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  1. Hello team Compulsion I am playing the new Life in Technicolor update and I got to the mission "Walkabout" after eating 2 mushrooms it still didn't give me enough time to get to the ghosts destination and I had no more on me so I came back to the mission spawn with more in my inventory and after taking one the ghost has not appeared so is this mission broke for me? Also, I completed the "Crazy Legs" encounter and after loading the game the next day it says I did not complete the mission but I have the recipe for flash and Eric is not spawning in his location where the map tells me to go. I will update this thread with more bugs as I play further. Thanks-Chris
  2. Just got the Digging Location 2 encounter from the Cult of Jack mission and no dig location appeared on my map. I am able to dig inside of the overgrown fountain and I receive a pointy stick but it does not complete the quest. Is this the right location?
  3. Hello Team Compulsion, in this current world seed there is no House of Curious Behaviors mission nor is there the Honey mission or the mission where you clean the lake. A few more missions are not present but it seemed more important side missions are missing and I am not sure if this is intentional.
  4. Hey team Compulsion, just finished the mystery hosue mission and always wondered if I could get in that room with the bloody mattress so after looking and not being able to get by I used the developer cheats and found sanitol. It says it increases my health so does it act as a heal or gives me a higher health capacity permanently? Also I heard there was a crafting blueprint avaliable for this but have yet to find it. Also I see blue current all over and I've had numerous playthroughs on this game but have yet to find a purpose for tea leaves or blue current, why are they here?
  5. Had the same problem on Xbox, I watched him throw the duck and after looking I couldn't find it so I saved but when I came back the duck was in the pot so I grabbed it and completed the quest hope everyone else has the same luck I did.
  6. Hello team Compulsion, I have "beaten" we happy few in its current state and i relaized a few missions were missing such as "looks like rain" and "if you give a pig a pancake". I'm sure there are more but I havnt noticed yet. I know you removed some missions from the game and I didn't know if these were some of them or if they were accidentally not in the game.
  7. Hi I am playing on Xbox one and I have gone into your link to see the thread you have created but it says the discussion is closed. Of we have issues with the game how can we post them for your team to see?
  8. In the mission were you have to give Madme her key I completed that mission and then beat her up stole the key back and got the gold knocker. My game crashed and when I logged back in the knocker was back in the case and the mission said I needed to give her the key. I looked everywhere and after not finding it I beat her unconscious and it failed the mission for me. (After looting her body I found the key....) Not a gamebreaking bug but seeing the mission failed in my notes bugs me.
  9. Hello Wellies and Wastrels, this forum thread is to post all the bugs you have with encounters and missions. (GAME PLAY BUGS DO NOT BELONG IN THIS THREAD, MISSION AND ENCOUNTER RELATED BUGS ONLY) We hope the great team at Compulsion Games will read this thread and address our issues in order to make We Happy Few an even better game.
  10. You can craft expansion kits? I have xbox one . I found 2 weapon holsters in the House of Curiosity and a bunch of pocket expansion kits but no inventory
  11. UPDATE ON MYSTERY HOUSE BUG: Developer cheats for ghost mode and teleport to shelter previously didn't work but now ghost mode activated for me to fly through the gate. Mission bug should still be inspected.
  12. Xbox one but after loading in again the mission completed. Now a huge bug is the mystery hosue gates wont open. It says meeting tonight so I took a joy at 11 pm and the gates didn't open. I went to a window and it completed the objective of get inside the hosue but this is the 3rd time I've took a joy at night and the gates still won't open. I walked around the building and the gates were open but when I got closer they were shut. I take the joy when I'm standing at the gates like I did in previous saved maybe I have to take joy prior to finding the house? Any solutions, the developer cheats don't work whe no tried to respawn to shelter or fly because I was gonna try and fly over the gates.
  13. Hello Wellies and downers if you are unaware there is a site called Trello where we the gamers can vote for things we would like to see implemented or changed in the game and this particular vote is on the almost non existent inventory packs we all strive to find. Vote now to try and have the great team at Compulsion Games consider our opinion on the matter https://trello.com/c/dfqJTfVq
  14. Hi I have started the "What a Terrible Life" mission in we happy few after the clockwork update and I made it to the bridge with the girl and the husband spawned in on top of the steps and it said place her next to him so I did but nothing is happening. In the mission notes it says they would like to be laid to rest so is he supposed to be dead? I have picked her up and dropped her many times.but nothing happens. If I walk into the husband it just moves his character around so idk where to put her.
  15. The rubble piles and postbox keep respawning new items in them every time I log back into my save. Is this supposed to happen? I'm not sure what else respawns I've noticed the telephone boxes don't respawn money but the rubble and postboxs do.
  16. Hi, I have recently made an account on the We Happy Few Wiki so I can replace some of the outdated and incorrect info. It is difficult to learn how to edit pages and make a page look professional like some of them are. Some pages I only need to replace ingredients or things of that nature but keep the font or format but there are no tutorials on how to edit anything on the site. I have started a page on the Wiki for people to place tips or tutorials bu ti am seeing if anyone here knows how to edit. Screenshots of the editing pages with descriptions of the button functions would be appreciated greatly.
  17. That is called the bloody rock and it is apart of the biological hazard quest. After you finish it you will get a map to go to that rock and dig up "treasure"
  18. So does this mean we can place items in the maintenance lockers without them despawning in our safe houses?
  19. Thank you for answering but will things like this happen later? I've already sunk hours into this save only for it to be deleted will this happened again in future updates?
  20. I have WHF on the xbox one and I just updated to v3442 and now my save file is gone, I've had to restart multiple times do to game crashes and unfixable bugs and I made it very far on this file and after seeing there was an update I was excited to see the new changed only to have no save file. Please help me recover it as things like this ruin the game for me
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