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  1. I've played though . Yes there is . Right in the middle there's a cubby you can crawl in to.
  2. Does everyone have Aurthers story or did they split up the stories like with the movie Clue?
  3. Lore found notification lasts too long Health doesnt reflect in menu/ craft No health from sleep ? Inventory freezes temporarily ( using controller ) Eel Pie holm NPC retreating backwards@ night ( Evelyn Brownsword) over burdened at 110lbs? NPC awake lying down EPH right top corner houses NPC awake sleeping @ 3pm , no interaction . Love the fireflies Crashed repeatedly at mysterious house gate , wont reload save NO key for Nigel (stew guy) yes i killed and searched everyone NPC sits in your lap on benches in Luds holm Eel Pie Holm ruined house lower left 3rd floor problem ( just look ) Break neck NPC ( creepy) old soldiers Thomas Lawrence is not able to be woken , then all quest points unlock and complete at once. Old soldiers bro house floating sleeping NPC NPCs go through shutters , but i cant get out ? ( unless i catch one at the door and talk to them whilst pushing forward lol) Fire place in way of ladder Cant place quest gun , no prompt Bought pipe valve for Faraday doesn't register with quest log , only updates after travel No instruction on where to find adv. mech parts( i mean i know but ..) Faraday wont talk after motilene bucket ( maybe i dont exist ) Crash after honey bee spanker controller / keyboard quick menu fighting after new update ( no YOU move over ) Its a terrible life wont take sunshine or acknowledge, accidentally killed and failed quest Suit case NPC Bobby keeps repeating stop action . and i for one loved the plague swarms ! it was a delightful nightmare . im off to church now ( lightbearer)
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