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  1. Try to reload your game in fix many things. Remember than Arthur says... I forgot the exact phrase. Well he says something, they move at side the pump and then you can fix it.
  2. I carry and put the package beside the wheelbarrow before starting, and knowing about the quest related to it. Some days later I started this quest but the package wasn't on the floor or in the wheelbarrow anymore. Now it is impossible for me to continue this quest. I wonder, I have no use dev console before. Is it a way to use it to spawn the package or reset this quest?
  3. - The cursor can still been seen on screen which bothers me when I looking on the map. I can move it to a corner, but it is still a problem, I suppose. - You can still get books for free with "A" button. - I don't think this is related with the controller, but I won't create a new thread just for this. Isn't he suppose to be suspicious of me? At least he should when I locked pick the chest. PD: This is what happens when you only have a few seconds to power the telly.
  4. Loving the changes to the Yam quest. I never get tired of this quest.
  5. 1-8: Already know bugs. The know issues post needs to be updated. Or at least I already knew them and there's at lack of communication between the team, some of those bugs were reported on other parts of this forum. You can turn off the tvs and radios, and they will turn on (weird). The maybe bugs aren't bugs. 1) The power cell has a very limited time of power once you put it in the tv, not enought to "clean" each house. I always put the power cell and then when they gather at front the of tv. I use some molotovs, bangers or any type of gas grenade with a gas mask and a weapon to finish them. 2)Coveralls are for "fixing traps", cars don't count as a trap. The suit of blending gives you a lot of steelth. If you combine it with a shrubbery hat you may be able to hit them at their backs and they won't notice you. Maybe with the fourth and fifth card they didn't see you, or that would be the bug here.
  6. That duck bounces a lot. Track that encounter, it should show correctly where it is located. It is a know bug than It can get stuck inside walls. If that is the case, then you may need to activate ghost mode to get inside walls. Deactivate ghost mode inside the duck, so Arthur's body will push the duck outside. You may need to repeat this process if the duck is still stuck until it si finally goes out wall(s).
  7. I apologize if It sounds rude; I was just expressing my thoughts. I know It isn't spam ,that's why I added the line 'but maybe someone else does'. Trying to express than I don't like it, but It is still OK.
  8. Uff, I read it, but It won't hurt anyone if you use dots, commas and paragraphs.
  9. They, aren't rare. Sometimes they spawn a lot, and sometimes just a few, and the house of curiosities has a very weirs spawn rate of them. I think, the holster is 100% chance but the expansion kits; I had found from 0 to 3 in just one locket. And just know one place where you can find an expansion kit in the garden district, if the corresponding encounter is there. My last game, I had the fortune of unlocking the recipe for expansions kits at my third day, which brings me to a question. How does it work unlocking recipes while sleeping? The rate increases per hour of sleep or it is always 2% (one book) no matter the time slept. At any case, it is the only use I can find to the overh... ...don't you hate when yo can't remember a word not often used?. Well, the huge amount of food available on this game.
  10. Are you on pc or xbox. It don;t regularity use branches, but when i do (my weapon broke in the middle of a fight before getting my second holster), it works fine for me.
  11. No thanks, I don't like ads, but maybe someone else does.
  12. You don't need joy, just be there at night and eat hallucigen mushrooms. Actually you don't need joy at all for any encounter. Maybe just a bit of joy to go thought downer detectors and bridges. edit pd: I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but you can get infinite ephemeral linen if you put it in a drawer before you get caught. Return and repeat de process, It's the only thing that is worth to sell.
  13. Are you sure that you use a full power cell and not an empty power cell? You should be able to open an close that door at will after using the constable's key. Also you can return to the garden district crossing the east bridge and then the north bridge.
  14. In general moteline spills aren't renewable, but the icon on the map of a moteline re-spawn, even though there's no more moteline. Public works may be an exception, but it is not a moteline spill. After a time of completing the encounter of public work the moteline gas will spawn again without the possibility of dispel the gas. You can fix the pipe of moteline where an old lady is splashing but there isn't an option to collect moteline there. Also the pipe will broke again. I forgot the name of this encounter and the next encounter. The moteline where you can find body and some bobbies; once you inspect the body, the dialogue will be repeated after every loading screen. This moleline spill can be use only to fill a bucket of moteline, not for batteries.
  15. It is available on xbox one: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/we-happy-few-game-preview/bpr2tbs2kmqj
  16. Weird, I had completed many times, with the only bug that the husband, only asks for one proper suit, not two. Yes you are suppose to place her right next to him and then they... well, normally i don't spoil anything, but you already have a clue. Yes they are suppose to be dead. pd: If you manege to complete it, then return later where they died and you will collect something.
  17. Well, I got this updated yesterday. not today. Anyway, when a load my save yesterday, I was naked, i mean my spiked suit vanished. I'm not sure if the hot fix had something to do with it. The store don't sell more; They should resupply. Also if you sell them cheap items their inventories might get full, so you can't sell them objects anymore.
  18. Sometimes who gives you a bowl sideways? Sorry, it was explained in my first tittle, i forgot to edit that. I'm talking of the chef of haute cuisine encounter.
  19. Sometimes he gives you a bowl sideways, as result you won't get anything. This fix automatically overtime, but it still bothers me. Putting an alcohol bottle into a quick slot, wont reduce its icon, so you can only see the top part of the bottle in the quick slot icon. You can only use advance shock electro-lock shockers and brilliant trap tools once before they break. I just tried once each, so I'm not sure if this always happens or it only happens under certain conditions or objects. Shock grenades are too expensive to make. I rather would knock down bobbies with bare hands to get some There should be better items in the secret safes. Maybe an 100% chance of an expansion kit and a random item? I found a cough syrup, why does it heal more than an common aid kit, and takes less space? It may not stop bleeding, but it's just a syrup.
  20. It's possible she isn't spawning in and as a result isn't progressing the conversation. The conversation can progress without the woman. I mean, If you the character is in another place and then you come back at night to garden district, then the woman won't be there and the man would be a bit off his corresponding location. Once this bug happens the following night will be the same,even if you stay in the garden district. My advice would be, not to leave garden district until this encounter is completed.
  21. I also had issues with the Digging Location 3 side quest where I went to where it was shown on the map but couldn't find the area to dig and was not met with a prompt to even start digging. I was just going to report that bug. If you go to the place where the digging location mark you before getting this quest, then you can dig there. Otherwise, after getting the encounter the dig area is cleaned, so you can't dig there anymore.
  22. JYM


    Yep. I they have to reduce a lot the amount of food available. I have 1 and half containers full of food in the garden district, 3/4 in infected district (i always forget the name) and 3/4 in Hamlyn village.
  23. I guess they are already a thing. I mean you can see in the prologue an inspector use one. They're only not introduced yet or maybe there are but it is hard to unlock the recipe. In my last game, I unlock many recipes sleeping; some of the new for me. I unlock the electro hammer pipe recipe, but there are not more hammer pipes in hamlym village, or they are harder to find. I could use the console command than unlocks all recipes, but I don't like to play that way. Anyway, it is a good idea.
  24. Adding some info to the bench crash. It happens when Arthur is spawned on any bench where normally you don't have the option to sit down, benches in water pump parks and some others. For those than are experiencing this crash; You can avoid it by spamming or just pressing E key after the game loads.. This way Arthur will be standing up and you can continue your game.
  25. The Archways and the Blood in the streets set might cut in half houses. Also the last time a did the Blood in the streets encounter: there wasn't any bobby on the street.
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