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  1. I have games on my pc that I can play with two people. For that reason there are times there will be two controllers plugged in. When this happens the game tries to read from both controllers. I.E. cannot hold context sensitive buttons to progress with game. Free look and movement greatly suffer as it continuously hops from one controller to the next. rendering the game completely unplayable. Imagine my surprise upon the very first load of this game, finding it unplayable due to this reason. Mind you I had no idea that this was the reason until after a bit of thought. If the second controller gets unplugged the issue is still not fixed and I have to quit the game and restart
  2. So I noticed a bug over a year ago and it's still there... So I play games with more than one person on my pc on a daily basis. Having to unplug one controller because your game decides to try and read both for some silly reason is a pain and a nuisance.

  3. No problem!! I know with so many updates you can't list everything that gets fixed so I gave it some time before trying it again... Now about that garden key... I'll try to remember to replicate that bug again
  4. and nope it went back to take only one item and I did and left the area and the beacon is still there
  5. I think I found what happened... it changed to find margerets diary....
  6. I still for some reason can't complete the If you give a pig a pancake quest. When it asks for you to take one item the only container in the area that is red is the one he was vomiting in. If they go hostile from you taking something from there does that "fail" the quest? I'll start a new game see unless you already know and can provide some insight lol
  7. I understand the lack of importance to fix a controller issue with the game since it's a single player game but many of us would not be a happy few if we had to constantly disconnect and reconnect a controller if we have multiplayer games that I can play on one rig. When there are two controllers plugged in it tries to read them at the same time creating horrible skips in all of your actions. Akin to minor lag bump every quarter second or so. When I first found this I had literally just started the game and got to the part where I had to hold a button down to continue the game. The circle would fill about half way max then act as if I let go of the button. After a little while I looked at controller 2 and went hmm... I pressed the button on both controllers at the same and it worked. I also verified that controller 2 does work the same as controller 1 when both plugged in.
  8. I was wondering if the notes that you find in some of the trash cans will actually lead to a side quest or easter egg at some point in time in the future. I just found the missive from a preacher and one of the things mentioned was getting together at this bridge on sunda, well there is no day indicator. I was hoping or wondering if you would think about putting a day indicator in the game and possibly adding little featurettes like actually meeting at the bridge for a meeting as per found notes.
  9. Upon completing the Lilies quest my inventory was full dropping the vegetable garden key to the ground.. I looked all over the garden area for this key and couldn't find it lol
  10. In Give My Pig a Pancake quest I took the one item and the quest didn't complete. I tried talking the the people around there and taking more items.. I ended looting the whole place and still no quest completion lol
  11. The log in question I was able to sit on and read and a different point in time and that definitely may have been it thank you!
  12. tried the next. reloaded the area twice via safehouse and shutting down the game. The duck is broken lol
  13. On the campfire quest I was prompted to take the duck.. I cannot take said duck. My guy even mentions duck stew lol it's pretty cool I'll try quitting and logging back in. Upon logging back in the people were around the campfire that had the duck but now the duck was gone and could do nothing with the area. I'm going to try logging out again and leaving the area as well when I come back in. maybe try fresh the next evening
  14. my steam name is also my name on here I uploaded a screenshot with a bug earlier. there is a tree with names on it and what looks like a searchable log or something next to it because it becomes highlighted but I can't use it at all.
  15. It wasn't working like that though it was having difficulty reading any type of commands including keyboard and mouse until I unplugged the other controller. I didn't think anything of it at first until I tried the buttons at the same time, that's when I was able to progress past the beginning it would read that I held the button down for only about a half a second before it stopped reading the button press when using one controller. I was playing a two player game with my daughter earlier which is why I had two controllers plugged in
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