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  1. Since the update he gives up after a few hits and hands it to you
  2. Also, Sunshine seems to work the same as Joy, including coming down
  3. I've noticed a couple of issues on XBone A Terrible Life - Seems to hang up until the bridge is open, but no dialogue etc to tell you to wait. Bees! - No way to get to the guy once you're through and sick of his sh!t The plank's gone Map - the map is still skewiff, can't zoom in without it forcing the map to the left. I think this also affects objectives; if you're walking directly to a marker on the compass you'll end up to the right of it. Random NPC placement - Some NPCs have been sat in the grass instead of on the log, a chair etc. Cash Registers - Not really a bug, but we call them Tills in the UK
  4. Hi All Just spent a couple of days playing and really enjoying the game so far. Apart from some wayward waypoints mentioned previously the map doesn't scroll left fully unless it's zoomed in, then it seems fine. Great work so far! Cheers Dean
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