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  1. I love these and am considering doing something similar however quick question; do you think i'm likely to die / permanently changed the colour of my face if I coat it in tippex? I feel it would give the texture I need especially with red and black painted over it but the warning labels and toxic signs concern me a little.
  2. While I do believe people should have been more realistic about their expectations of the game I also am of the position that the marketing team also helped perpetuate these misunderstandings; and watching the interviews it looks like this happened out of a really good place, he (Sean Murray) is obviously really excited about the game, but some of the features he described were incorrect or "technically there". I wasn't particularly upset by "No Mans Sky" it was a good survival game, it just lacked the depth it could have if given more production time. I know there will always be difficulty making procedural worlds personal but a lot could have been achieved by adding more thematic options, and while i'm not the worlds biggest hater of light boxes he stated they would not exist in the game, this was not the case and the alternative would have added another level immersion which was a shame. Honestly I believe that was its biggest factor that upset its fan-base was the lack of immersion. I never really felt like I was there. And that I can honestly say is one of the things "We Happy Few" has in spades; immersion and thematic design.
  3. Could you allow an option to enable all status effects (including hunger health etc regardless of level) along the top left maybe in scaled down versions with percents for those of us who enjoy the constant reminder of our inevitable doom? I'm not sure this is to everyone's tastes as to make it the default and probably isn't worth the time if it would be a huge amount of work.
  4. Maybe a theft mechanic for the shops (with the more valuable items offering limited to 0 success rate / t his could purely be a percentage based system) with a few interactions for the red bobbies to participate in ( maybe just that "thief" dialogue line attacking and chasing. could offer them some easy interactivity, also the possibility of them being a little tougher and able to call in reinforcements so you would be forced to run. (if you wanted more discouragement for using this maybe a temporary lockout for that shop if caught). Actually on second thoughts I think this would be difficult to implement plausibly with the goods being locked behind the section the shopkeeper is standing in. He could lean through the gap as he turns to hand him objects I suppose.
  5. Yeah I admit in one of my run-through's I found myself shamelessly farming the red bobbies in the shop for materials and weapons. My self control is limited. :3
  6. 1) I love the artistry of the scene, there has been a lot of attention to detail put into this and it shows. 2) if you are looking for an easy way to make a minor improvement it would be minor particles falling through the red light in the window. 3) As a previous Bar worker a single drink comes into mind; in both colour and effect. 4 pint pitcher Ice. 4 x 25ml shot of Vodka 2 x 25ml shot of Martini 2 x 25ml shot of Taboo / Peach Schnapps 1 x 25 ml shot of White rum 1 x 25 ml shot of Blue Curacao 1 pint of cheap energy drink 1 pint of Orange Juice 1 pint of flat white wine Stirred and served into four tall glasses, it is luminous green getting lighter towards the top.
  7. I do find seeing the background of the script interesting, not something you often get to see as a layman; nice post, keep up the good work!
  8. Another game I have been following the development of; also produced by a small team is "Allison Road" and is offering a real step up in VR graphics and experience. (DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PRETTY SCARY SO MAYBE NSFW NOT GORY JUST SCARY) Also how did you guys get the thumbnail to appear?
  9. One of my favourite parts so far is the quote from "The Second Coming" some of the wastrels mumble. So fitting for both the atmosphere and the lore, something I believe this game is excelling at so far. First verse of the poem below.


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity.


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