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  1. That's what I though. Keep up the good work guys, and don't get discouraged.
  2. I would love to see We Happy Few have a modding community, but I get the feeling that making the option available might be detrimental for the devs (the process might distract them from getting the game out).
  3. Part 3 of Gotten Drill Really gotta love your how quick the response time and how open you guys are about this. Prudence's name tag on her door doesn't seam to load. I've noticed some clipping issues with the bed take-down, with the victimizes hands passing through Arthur's hand/arms. The Lily patch spawned in the middle of a road. Not sure if thats supposed to happen. After taking a while to to get the sunshine pills for the "It's a Terrible Life" quest, I return to find Mary standing up on the bed and George not having the option for me to either talk with him or give him the pills. I shut down the game for a bit and start it up again, hoping that'll fix it. Didn't work. Some of the Joy dispensers have spawned floating about just above the pavement. Speaking of that, some of the map icons for the dispensers glitched out, becoming the generic eye icon. This however fixed itself upon a re-log. I'm not eniterly sure, but I feel that the ai's detection system is to sensitive. There've been moments where The AI sees me when I feel it shouldn't. For example, in the Mystery House quest, the cultist with the lantern in the second room you enter (after the first room with the cultist on the floor) keeps being alerted to my presence, even if I'm at the corner of the room, next to the door, crouching in the shadows with the Suit of Blending on (I managed to nab some linen from the first room and get back to johnny), and never standing up once when inside the house. The mantle in the "Old Soldiers" that would let the ladder down won't show the option to put the gun down (got around this by noclip). Faraday's dialogue glitched out in a major way: The first two times I talked with her, the middle parts of the conversation didn't play, while on the third time no dialogue played at all, and now I'm stuck in a conversation mode with Faraday staring at me (quite funny, but annoying overall). EDIT: Just remembered/learned the option to skip cutscenes by pressing backspaces. Problem overcome for the moment. Sorry for the disjointed and probably unhelpful feedback. Keep up the good work!
  4. Part 2 or some other number Glad to see that you'll be addressing these. I'll still continue to report on glitches I see, just in case you haven't been alerted to them. Alot of the following appeared after I started up the game for the third time (these will have a [*] at the beginning). [*] In the inventory tab, Arthur's outline is now overlapping the slot boxes instead of them being on top of the outline. When giving Johnny Bolton [*] The blood spills in the first shelter are now glowing pale green squares. I'm guessing thats caused by the texture not loading properly. It did seam to fix itself when I reentered the shelter, though. In the Haute Cuisine quest, (as this point I've killed the first kidnapper), I've pushed off the second kidnapper off the tower, then, thinking I've killed him (there was a groan from below), I go down and walk though the doorway, triggering the tripwires. The whole bloody population of Luds' holm (or at least everyone in the vicinity) proceeds to come running in a mob and starts looking for me. They de-agro almost immediately though, and just start talking with each other and just stick around. I eventually just had to start attacking the mob (apparently the guy was still alive, so I hoped he'd die in along with the rest of them). Before I could finish the job, night fell and the crowd dispersed, the second kidnapper along with them. I left and returned the next morning, hoping he'd go back to paroling the tower, but apparently he'd died during the night. Now I have no idea where the he's body is, so I can't finish the quest. I'd suggest a way-point system on dead bodies and items on the ground, or alternative ways to complete the quest (like with the use of a lock-pick). EDIT: The "Wastrel rush" problem seams to happen every time I trigger a tripwire (at least in that building).
  5. Part 1 of some number. The change in Arthur's Wastrel greeting lines back to nonsensical ramblings are, in my opinion, a step backward (to be fair some of them are fine). I liked the human lines of Arthur checking in on his fellow men, and not just treating them as insane kranks who couldn't say a rational thing. The Fact that the Wastrels still respond rationally (mostly) just makes our main character uncomprehending and maybe more unhinged then them. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but there are non police/nightwatch Wastrels wandering around at night. If they are the nightwatch, I sure can't tell, as they look and act like regular Wastrels, but get angry if they see you. If they are police, why are they wandering around instead of in groups down the middle of the street like before? If they aren't, why are they acting like police, and why don't the regular police argo on them? I'm still in Ell Pie, So I haven't seen everything yet, but I can already tell there are animation glitches; The Wastrels' talking animation (when two talk on the street) sometimes doesn't happen, and Tomas from the Biohazard quest just spins around when he's supposed to be leaning on the pipe (he did fix himself eventually though). Hope this helps.
  6. WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU YOU WANT TO LOOK ON YOUR OWN There are other ways of getting a valve. There's one in the first shelter (if you look carefully), and two can be found in the second part of the hill garden quest.
  7. I feel this tumblr thread is somewhat relevant (I should know, I was apart of it): http://butchwidow.tumblr.com/post/159273236393/dr-0-shadow-butchwidow-wellingtonhells
  8. Post the Second! The Escape Quest doesn't register that you entered St. George's until you reach Maidenholm, where it goes directly to apple. Sometimes when you enter an area when it should say "Now entering Exampleholm" on screen, the text doesn't come up. After logging of and back on, The George NPC from "Its a Terrible Life" disappeared, rendering the quest uncompletable. Some of the props from "hallucinogenic salad" that fall out the window stop moving in thin air and just float there (this one has been there for a while). Arthur sometimes repeats the "Moon Jusic Leach" voiceline that plays after looting the body, after the games loads from one area to another or when the game first loads. The Screamers in the Thomasian House "seize up" after you trigger them and they de-aggro. Also I don't think the Cat stature is currently findable in the house (That or I'm stupid so that I can find the optional thing but not the actual thing). Thanks for reading, and Keep up the good work!
  9. Speaking of Road/sidewalk glitches, I have seen the medi-kit hill spawn halfway on the road. also a bug there has been for a while is sidewalk fixtures (like benches and mailboxes) spawning inside one another, although I have seen that as much in more recent versions.
  10. I've noticed a few of the NPCs (i.e. Eric liddell, Those Bobby Wannabes/hooligans, The Mushroom Log Pair) have a tendency just to stand in place (Eric was standing in the middle of the road and didn't react [ever after I pushed him] until I hit him [also while we're talking about Eric, he started babbling after the quest is complete again ]). Not sure if this is a bug or intentional (due to that note you can find), but Uncle Jack sometimes stops mid recording ether to pause for a while and start a new one or stop completely. Not sure (well what a lovely pattern I have here) if this is just my compute, but sometime objects/entities (like bottles and rocks) "hang" in the air longer then they should and have a tendency to fly farther then they should (I once batter a bobby into the river by accident while fighting on one of the village bridges) and bounce when they hit the ground (One of reasons I can never complete the duck quest; the duck always goes flying an I can never see where it went). There's a bit of clipping when smothering someone in their bed with their hand an Arthur's. And finally: Some of the subtitles are mismatched/show up with the wrong dialogue/outdated. Hopefully this is helpful for you guys. Cheers! EDIT: Mushroom Log Bug update: They're sitting in the ground now. EDIT the 2nd: One Last thing: The mouths on the people sometimes don't move when they talk.
  11. Some issues I've seen (I'm using a windows computer, btw): 1. Object and entities (such as people) has a very nasty tendency to bounce/move weirdly when contacting the ground (like if you trow a body slight weirdly it can jiggle trough the wall). 1a. This may be the reason that I [spoilerS] can't find the duck after the cook throws it [END SPOILERS]. 2. It may be possible that people don't wake back up after they've been knocked out. Not completely sure, 3. Some clipping issues purring animations (such as the pill not being visible in Arthur's palm in the joy booth animation until he picks it up). That's all I got for now. Keep up the good work!
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