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  1. Hi sorry for not posting that info originally. I’m playing on Xbox one v1.5.72492
  2. Why so many loading screens? I pop a phlash and drink some tea to really get moving and every new block I run down requires another loading screen. I recently came back to the game after a break (I wanted to wait for the much needed patches) and while I see some excellent progress in fixing major issues, the many many looading screens still plague the game. I understand the need to load the game and am grateful for the attention to detail but the loading screens every few blocks make the game unplayable. I was doing the speaker’s corner quest and I counted FIVE loading screens just to paste three flyers around the small island of Maidenholm. FIVE!!!! And they were at least 2 minutes long. I was able to answer texts and play my Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game on my phone. I apologize if this topic was already in the thread, I searched a few pages and couldn’t find it. I still love the game but I can’t play it lol
  3. Hello Xbox one platform, Arthur’s story, superb meat boy quest. **I’ve been with this game since the beta release and love its progression. I wish the full release would have been less glitchy and am looking forward to playing again after a few patches. Anyways, I had just fought off the bad guys hurting Ed when I went to pick him up and suddenly I was being thrown high in the air above all the houses. I fell back to earth and landed on a rooftop with the death warning prompting me to heal myself. Obviously a bug so I just wanted to give you guys a heads up....also if someone could light up the Bat signal or inform Superman to help me off the roof I’d greatly appreciate it.
  4. Bahhh!!! I tried that lol I tried jumping and crouching and it wouldn’t let me. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to replay the whole game haha thanks for the help
  5. I agree that the game is severely bugged but I still can’t stop playing it haha as for the quests and dig spots not disappearing I found that if you save and quit then go to the main menu, once you return to the game they finally disappear. Tedious I know but I’m sure it’ll be fixed in an upcoming patch. Having had the beta game from the start and playing both on Xbox one (primary) and pc, I found the progress very impressive.
  6. Hi, I’m playing on Xbox one and after I returned the doll I was prompted to go upstairs. I went through the hallway while everyone was watching the play however when I got to the locked door it wouldn’t unlock even with several lock picks in my inventory. It kept saying “x- open (requires lockpick)” but then there was no “y- pick lock” so without a way to complete the mission and “find out what’s upstairs”...I killed everyone who was watching and then failed the mission lol. *also (it’s within the same mission) the lunatic, agent what’s his name? (that Arthur rescues peachy for) was glitched and only appeared underneath the treehouse. He was still accessible but clearly should’ve been behind the grate inside the treehouse.
  7. Hi there, I’m playing on Xbox one. I initiated the mission by talking to the npc and instead of giving me a chance to do the mission it just automatically said completed. I didn’t receive any skill points nor have I crafted any of the necessary items (a few of which I hadn’t even unlocked yet).
  8. Yes after the update I started a new game. In fact if I remember right, after installing the update all my previous saved games were gone anyways. I just tried loading a save game again and it didn't work. Thankfully I have the whole day to play. Hopefully fifth times the charm
  9. Loving the Technicolour update but I've had some bugs. My biggest issue with the latest update is I can't load saved games. I've needed to restart twice now and it's hard to progress in the game due to this. So far I've only made it to the second island before Im forced back into the real world. I save the game but then can't reload it later. If the game crashes I can load the save game no problem. I found that the ghost followed the road until she was forced to go off the path but then would get stuck. She'd float ten feet towards the grave but then she'd turn around and go back to the road. This would happen a few times until i just quit the quest. An inconsequential bug i've experienced throughout the entire game process are keys stay in my inventory even if I've unlocked doors or cages in their respective quests. It would be nice if once you used the key it would disappear and no longer take up room. I've been with We happy Few since the preview came out and am so impressed with every new update. It really is amazing to see the progress and work that goes into making a game. I gotta say I was in awe when the game went from flat terrain to one with hills and uneven ground. Ok that's enough nerdy fandom for now. Keep up the excellent work!!
  10. Im having this issue as well. Also sometimes the game won't even let me load a saved game and I have to restart completely.
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