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  1. Xbox One Build version 1.1.69578 I had just exited Gemma Olsen's house, after completing the cutscene with the doctors and metal door. There was a Bobbie waiting on the side of her house already agro-ed (I was tresspassing, but how had he known I was there?) I tried to outwalk him, but passed a few more Bobbies and continued to accumulate Bobbies until I had about 6-9 (?) total on my tail. The game froze while the audio jittered like quickly repeating "dert-dert-dert-dert-dert-dert" for about 10-15 second (seemed longer as my heart sank and my patience wore thinner while trying to think of when the last save happened) before crashing.
  2. I saved and quit again and just had to be standing, literally, in the motilene for it to give thr option to harvest. This specific spill (near the leak you must mend) wont allow to harvest for powercells. So I would receommend not getting her bucket-full from any other spill.
  3. EDITED: Xbox one: found Faraday, got the Motilene harvester, but not the bucket. Saved, quit to the main menu, reloaded my file and the bucket was in my inventory! Just a heads up. New: I cannot harvest the motilene from the leak location even after I got the bucket.
  4. Xbox One, I also have this issue, but any other aquired honey doesn't compelte the Hive Mind "collect honey" task.
  5. Xbox One Searched around a bit and couldn't find this any where in the forum. I couldn't hear Peter talking (after the fight scene) or really any thing, after entering that general area, other than the jubilator jungle. Audio returned as soon as I went through the door that was locked before the fight scene though. That is until i exited to the town. Audio was gone again.
  6. Xbox One As I'm interacting with George, for the quest, but only for the quest, the screen/display glitches and the image bounces around the screen. This has happened to me in two different save files and the second time it happened it happened while I was giving him the suit as well.
  7. Also, picked up his journal, off the table and nothing happened. I could not pick up the journal again either.
  8. I know you are looking into it, but for the Xbox One version, my extractor tube fell through the floor imediatly. I didn't get a chance to grab it at all. I didn't know I needed it, otherwise I would have tried to grab it before it fell from the machine. Thank you for all your hard work! Keep it up! Loving the new content by the way!!
  9. Playing on the Xbox One. I started a new file today, first since the big update. I was just raiding houses, taking down downers as needed to acquire and raid in peace. Went out a hole, in the side of a house, and went to enter the fenced in back yard (to raid a cooking pot over a fire.). The game froze and then crashed. I closed the game completely then loaded the new save file. Once loaded, all the ground (not including pathways and floors in houses) was water. The map even displayed the ground as water/blue. Other than that, abandoned houses are spawning on top of each other and one of them is side ways. This makes them very hard to raid, almost impossible.
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