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  1. Hi Delboy, We're sorry to hear you're experiencing crashes. Please follow the steps below to collect your game data so we can look into the issue: 1 - From your Windows desktop, press the Windows key + R together. This will bring up the “Run” dialog. Type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GlimpseGame and press Ok. 2 - This will bring up a File Explorer window showing the directory where the game stores its local data. You should see a folder called 'Saved'. 3 - Right-click on the Saved folder, select Send to and then Compressed (zipped) folder. 4 - This will create a zip file called Saved. On your system it may be called Saved or Saved.zip depending upon your settings. If you can’t tell the two apart, look at the “Type” column and note the zipper on the icon of the compressed folder. 5 - Send the compressed zip to: support@compulsiongames.com. Please be sure to include your forum name, a link to the thread, and any other information about the problem. I hope this helps. Cheers, Lee
  2. Hi Kazimir, Thanks for the info. We're aware of the issue and we'll be looking into a fix for it. Cheers, Lee
  3. Hey Tec, Thanks for your feedback and bug reports, we always appreciate it We'll be looking into performance and stability on Xbox One. Cheers, Lee
  4. Hey Maximus! The Faraday quest is currently off it's joy and not working quite as intended. We're hard at work fixing the issue. In the meantime, you can use the Developer Cheats to bypass the Apple Holm bridge: Options > Developer Cheats > Ghost Mode ON Just fly through the bridge to the other side and you can continue your game. Be sure to disable Ghost Mode once you reach the other side. Cheers, Lee
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