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  1. I just wanted to follow up on the previous thread about the Faraday Cage and not being able to extract the car parts. I had to create a new thread as the original is now locked. I just wanted to say that I think my troubles with this was PEBCAK. Seems that the problem was that as extracting the parts from the cars causes suspicion I was being interrupted by a NPC before Arthur could complete it. It just really looked like he was doing it fully.
  2. Just for reference I hit this last night also. Took a couple of times to extract the parts from the car in Faraday's yard, but the others don't do anything. I'm on the latest XBox release. Was there any feedback on this from the ticket raised?
  3. Hi, I've just gone back to that location and can confirm that the textures have loaded as expected. When they broke it was the first time on that island and I managed to find the safe house really quickly. I'm on the XBox.
  4. I've noticed a few times that while walking around Maidenholm the game suddenly decides to load something, up pops a loading screen and then disappears again. Really not sure why this is happening as it never used to do this. it is quite distracting from the game, especially as the loading between islands has been removed. I'm on the Xbox.
  5. I just managed to find the safe house on Maidenholm (I think) and to me it looks like the textures are not loading.
  6. Just crossed over to the second island and have seen what looks like a world generation bug. What you can't see on the screenshot is that just to the right the land is spilling out over the road and engulfing a post box. I presume the two are connected.
  7. It sounds similar to a bug that I think they have fixed in the upcoming hotfix. For the moment try turning off your controller and then turning it back on again. I've done this when the controls stop responding after loading a game and it worked then. Might help, sorry if t doesn't.
  8. @AKC v 1.0 is out on April 13th 2018 At the moment I just want my canteens to not disappear after using them.
  9. Any news on when these updates are coming to the XBox?
  10. @Alex, regarding npc names I've noticed that Harold Shipman has been renamed. Can you explain why this had happened? I know previously you guys were not willing to change it so I'm curious as to the reasoning behind this now.
  11. I think the last thing I had done was make it to the second island and clear out the shelter. I then quit the game. I think the was a problem from the restart.
  12. I've had similar issues but maybe not to the same extent since the update before last. Which platform are you on? I'm on the Xbox and I found that dropping the draw distance down a notch helped. For me it was also worse in the village, I presume because there is so much more to draw.the
  13. I've just loaded my save game and none of the controls work, so I cant look around or stand up. eventually someone comes over and kills me. Happened multiple times in a row after restarting the game. I have just made it onto the second island so this was my first time starting there. Never had any problems before. I'm playing on the Xbox version. Also, why is it that NPCs can walk through the toxic fog and Arthur can't. For some reason this really bugs me.
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